About Megan


Born and raised in Upstate Rochester, New York, Megan was raised by her working-class, hearing-impaired mother. Growing up, she became her mothers “ears” and access to various communication dynamics. There were times when she had to protect her mother because she was unable to sense danger. Megan naturally assumed the role of advocate, mediator, protector and translator on her mother’s behalf. She cultivated the perspective that it was her responsibility to assist people in navigating through life and it’s many nuances.

Megan earned good grades in school and was extremely outgoing and social. She discovered early on in her life that she found great joy and fulfillment in helping people solve problems.  Her natural inclination to “read” people before they spoke, gave Megan an extraordinary ability to connect with people exactly where they were.

During her adolescence Megan found herself immersed in the street culture of her city, while also pursuing her formal academic education. Megan was sentenced to time in a juvenile facility where she effectively tested out of 11th grade. Upon return to her community she walked the stage of her high school graduation at the age of 16. She always had a knack for finding the opportunity in any circumstance, which is why she’s been able to help so many people navigate and find their ideal quality of life.

Megan had her first son at age 17 and had a subsequent daughter at the age of 19. She refused to view her children as excuses for why she could not do something and understood  they were the reason she could never give up. She graduated from Community College when she was 21 and then obtained her bachelors degree in Marketing when she was 23.

On November 10, 2006, Megan received a phone call that would change the trajectory of her entire life. She received news that one of her best friends and also her son’s father, was brutally shot in the face. Later that evening she learned that he died about 45 minutes later. 6 months later, Megan was moving into her new place in Raleigh, North Carolina. She didn’t know anyone, nor did she have any family in the area. She chose her neighborhood solely based on the school options available for her two young children and a strong faith in the Creator. She made a blind leap of faith and began a new life in a new place. Although she wasn’t exactly sure of what it was that she wanted for her life, she knew it didn’t include the experiences she had up to that point.

In North Carolina, Megan successfully worked her way up through the corporate ladder in the field of Information Technology. At one point she even enrolled to pursue her Masters In Divinity at Shaw University. She had a “good job” and a decent car. She even had nice clothes and went to church consistently.

Megan entered into a new relationship and conceived two more children with what she would soon discover was a toxic dynamic.  Life seemed to really crash in when Megan found out that her closest friend, confidante, advisor and older brother Michael had 3 months to live as doctors discovered pancreatic cancer taking over his body.

The events of her brothers death combined with her most recent failed relationship served as a catalyst for Megan to “get real” with herself.  She found herself having to face the truth that she wasn’t happy with her life. She wasn’t really fulfilled using only some of her amazing gifts and talents to make a huge corporation profitable. Chasing the “American Dream” wasn’t working for her.  She was depleted, obese, depressed and apathetic to life. She made it very plain and clear then, that she intended to create something new for herself and her family’s legacy.

When Megan found herself out of a job at the end of 2016 with only 3 months of unemployment to survive off, her creativity had an opportunity to flourish.  She had to figure out how to rebuild herself and her stability from the ground up. Through a series of divine events,  the  many painful life experiences provided leverage to created businesses centered around her natural gifts. She is on the journey to discovering her true purpose and life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when it is intentional and filled with gratitude.

Megan’s is passionate and dedicated to creating positive impact within humanity. Through transparency and sharing the experiences and also tools used within her own journey, Megan has been able to create meaningful impact in thousands of lives. Megan is creating a blueprint of service to those who may have experienced the same or similar dynamic in their own lives.

Megan believes we can honestly transform ourselves at any point in our lives. Pain is often the catalyst to growth, Megan has implemented several  principles into her life that have transformed her into the best version of herself and she is passionate about sharing her insight and helping others achieve life long results.

–  Mantra –

” I am in the best condition I’ve ever been: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Financially and Psychologically. I am proactively making choices to get better and better in all aspects and I am attracting people into my life who are doing the same” Enjoy!

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