I feel like a lot of the things I want to say are really cliche…and indeed they are, however that doesn’t make them any less relevant. I’ve been traveling lately and been meeting/building with some amazing people. I understand the value of surrounding myself with not only the people I want to emulate, but the energy I want to absorb. Sometimes this can cause us to go outside of our comfort zones. After all, comfort doesn’t motivate growth, does it?

“Tribing” is my own term for consorting with folks that, from the outside looking in, may look like an unevenly keeled match. We simply cannot box ourselves into “appropriate” or “comfortable” associations if we want growth. Some of us don’t.. and that’s alright too. But me?! I personally don’t ever want to stop growing or getting better in every area that’s available to me. As I build my brand and network, making new connections and friendships along the way, I realize that I am subtly putting together my new tribe. I’m vibing and tribing!

There are so many possibilities and opportunities just waiting for us to peek around the corner of comfort. Let’s take a chance and step forward into our greatness and potential!

With so much love,

Simply Megan

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