Ancient Traditions Healing The World

I wanted to come and share my extreme joy, humility, appreciation and absolutely overwhelming excitement as I really begin to dig into the history of what we now know today as Vaginal Steaming!

I recently wrote about The Honey Pot Method of steaming, and as I research for the upcoming certification program I will be offering, I am amazed to find that Vaginal Fumigation (what it was referred to in ancient times) has records and depictions dating back thousands of years in Asia, Indonesia, Africa, Greece and many other geographic locales. This thrills me because it allows me to move forward with even more confidence, education and sheer gratitude for tapping into something that has proven effective and time tested.

Of course, there are different spins on the herbs/materials used in steaming. There are also different spins on the type of steaming based on the intention of steaming. What I am finding in my own research and experience is that steaming also has the metaphysical ability to connect us with our divine essence (our womb, which brings forth life).

There is a wide spread revelation happening right now in society that is confirming that the way things used to be done has extreme value and health benefits. The main things that pops into my mind is the inundation of sugar/carbohydrates on our society. Western society has adopted an extremely unhealthy diet that correlates directly with the influx of dis-ease here.

For example, I have noticed my own addiction to sugar and the harmful effects it has not only on my body, but my mind as well and am committed to moving past the habit. Sometimes we must remove ourselves from a thing to truly realize how impacting it is on our day to day operations. This goes for physical, tangible things along with paradigms and dynamics.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer thus far and staying cool and hydrated. Don’t forget to get your Honey Butter is you are managing eczema, bug bites, rashes or just wanted smooth, glowing skin.

With So Much Love,


The Honey Pot

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