The Open Mind

Hi Yes God Family!

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for you. I am extremely humbled and appreciative of your presence. It is YOU who make Yes God a successful endeavor and I am so happy and excited that we’re on this journey together!

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Last night as I was preparing the materials for our upcoming , I realized that in order for any changes to occur, we MUST have an open mind. We have to have at least a sliver (or mustard seed) worth of belief that something else IS possible.

We must be willing to open our mind (and heart) to the possibility of something other than what our current “reality” is. This applies to EVERYTHING.

Health issues can be tough to open our mind about since we typically have a lot of contrasting messages about how there is “no cure” for things or how they “run in my family” or ( _____________________ fill in the blank)

If you’re dealing with fibroids, have you really considered ever living without them?

If you’re having issues conceiving, have you truly pondered what it would be like to actually have a succesful conception or pregnancy?

I’d like for us all to take inventory of what we’d like to change about our current situation and really be honest with ourselves about if we’re truly open to that possibility.

It’s crucial to allow yourself to “imagine” what life would be like if the current situation you’d like to change, actually did.

What I love about steaming is that the practice itself lends itself to sitting still and going without our mind and heart. The time and space you set aside to steam actually doubles as a sacred portal for you to access yourself and your self worth.

There have been a lot of times when I went within and allowed myself to be vulnerable and realized that deep down I didn’t think I deserved certain things, that I wasn’t worthy. It’s very important to recognize this so that it can be faced, addressed and ultimately released.

We will delve deeply into these topics and scenarios and learn real strategies to start using IMMEDIATELY. We will focus on using our inate gift of imagination which allows us bring forth what we desire into our life experience.

It’s such empowering content to consumer while steaming (or not).

Register Here :

I love you all. Hope you’re having a fantastic week. 💓

With So Much Love,


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