Thank God I Lost My Phone!

Last time I reached out I wasn’t in the best space, but even as I write that I want to recant and say “I was in the best space I could reach at the time”

Today, I am feeling REALLY good. I happened to misplace my phone and it subsequently lost its charge so now it’s still missing and I have to just find it when I come across it. I learned something in this.

I actually LOVE not having my phone.

While I do have my old one, and can still contact people via imessage and still have access to my computer, there’s something that has been liberated by not having my activated phone closeby at all times.

I am not reaching for it and have subsequently been able to hear my inutition a LOT more clearly and receive guidance about the steps I need to take both personally and professionally. I feel like I have actually been quantum jumping in my creations. I love the feeling of being in divine flow, and I had allowed my phone to distract me from that.

I recently mentioned not feeling good about being “tied” to social media (my phone) and am amazed at how God has provided a way for that to be my reality.

YES GOD!!!!!

I have been really given the opportunity to lean into gratitude by really being present without distraction. What I also realize is that eventually, I will find my phone and I will need to practice self discipline because this has been within reach the whole time, it just boiled down to a decision, like most things.

I have intuitively gotten back to my daily habit of writing down at least 50 things I’m grateful for every morning and being still to meditate. I highly recommend this practice! My days have been truly fulfilling and filled with gratitude once I got back to putting my focus and attention on that very thing.

I am reminded of the scripture Psalm 46:10 – “Be Still and Know That I am God”

Stillness is so underrated. I’m glad I get consistent reminders of how powerful it is. It can be easy to get “caught up” in the day to day routine and distraction of life.

Yes God Chronicles

There are two new blends that will be released very soon and I am SOOOO excited to share them with you! We are currently finishing up some market research and feedback to ensure quality but I think you’re going to LOVE the benefits we’re offering!

The Power To Create Masterclass on 10/16/2020 is going to be TRANSFORMATIONAL. I love creating courses, its such a cathartic process for me because in the creation, I get to examine and extract things from myself while also pouring into myself, it feels so good!

The 20% discount with code CREATE is still available until this weekend

I am currently creating a tool with information on how you can naturally regulating your menstrual cycle and balancing your hormones. I will be annoucing and sending that out shortly via the app initially so be sure to download it!

Please don’t hesitate to respond to this email with suggestions for other tools/resources you’d be interested in around womb health or personal development

I have received lots of inquiries around steam services. I have decided to honor my space and time for the time being and focus on this healthy pregnancy however I am still available for Virtual Steam Sessions. 

Sending Lots of Love,


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