A Stronger “Bat”

I’ve been doing some major transforming in my life and it’s happened in the most amazing space. My mind. I realized that a lot of my mind chatter was preventing me from living and being the best version of myself that I could possibly be. Sometimes we tend to be so comfortable (not happy) with where our lives are that we neglect daring to dream something better. A lot of times, we are unaware of the way that our thoughts influence our direct beliefs, behaviors and responses to the curve balls that life throws our way. The key is that whatever the curve ball looks like, we have the best bat to knock that sucker out of the park and turn it into a home run. That bat, is our mind. Our mind is the tool behind most aspects of our lives. Our mind is the bat.

When you think of a bat, you think of a sturdy piece of wood, right? (ok maybe steel but you know what I mean!) The bat knows it’s purpose. The purpose is to hit that ball as hard and as fast as possible to turn the pitch into a celebratory event, right? The bat is not bothered or concerned with the color, mood, words, disposition or velocity of the ball. It has one purpose, to engage and strike. When we think of our minds and the way they revert to dramatic thoughts (oh my god, this is horrible! Oh no, this ALWAYS happens! Oh my gosh, they NEVER do the right thing!) This, is the beginning of perpetuating the drama that mainly exists in our head, this is not to say there is no real drama happening outside of our minds, but, we tend to create worst case scenarios before they even have a chance to unfold any other way. Guess what, when we vibrate on worse case scenario, it’s very likely that it will occur, or at the very least head in that direction.

I was going to tie it back in and say “be like the bat”, but yea, it sounds pretty corny once I see it in words. So, I will leave on this note. When we see a situation, person or drama heading our way, don’t run or avoid, don’t meet it head on with more drama, simply remain present and hit that sucker out of the park. Remember to observe your thoughts that surface and discard the ones that do not contribute to you coming to a solution as quickly as possible.

With so much love.

Simply Megan

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