Sponge-Like Chick

One of the big changes I’ve made lately is to really understand and be mindful of the fact that I am a sponge. Meaning, I absorb anything I am in close proximity to. Think about what happens when you put a sponge on a puddle of water. The water literally is drawn and almost forces its way into the sponge. The sponge is porous and has space for the water, and the water is eager to penetrate every crevice! That being said, I’m at a point in my life where I desire to be very thoughtful, respectful and mindful of what I absorb into myself (the sponge). I don’t want negative, dirty, drama-filled crap in any part of myself or my life. As human beings, our physical porous entry points are: eyes, ears, mouth, skin, mind. Dang! That’s like almost ALL of us, right? RIGHT!!!

Let’s break this down:

Also, let’s put the disclaimer up that I want things in my life to uplift me and give me positive feelings/emotions.

Eyes – I choose to avoid dramatic reality shows, soap opera like television series, viral “fight” videos, videos/movies/shows about children (or anyone for that matter) being hurt. I do not have cable for this reason (plus it’s not worth almost a hundred bucks a month, I’d rather be investing in another passive income venture!)  and closely monitor what shows are watched in my home.

Ears – I choose not to engage people, shows, scenarios that assault my sensibilities. I don’t want to hear people complaining about what other people “did to them”. I don’t want to gossip about who’s screwing who or why he/she is “so stupid” for doing this or that. I don’t want to hear music that talks about crack, disrespecting women/men, and/or killing people.

Mouth – I eat to live, not live to eat! Food is a fuel to keep our body (the engine) well oiled and running efficiently. What would happen if we dumped sugar, ice cream, biscuits and gravy into our car? Would it run well? Probably not. Same principle and theory for our cars. We know that gas is the best fuel, we also intuitively know what our bodies need. And if we don’t, we all know how to use Google. I will also be posting more on nutrition later.

Skin – Being the biggest organ we have, it’s very important to put healthy and nourishing things on our skin. I personally choose not to put anything on my skin that I cannot pronounce or would not eat. I know I know, I’m something like a hippie, but that’s just me! Coconut Oil and Shea Butter are two of my favorite natural ingredients that really handle pretty much all of my hygiene needs. I’ll also be posting more on that also.

Mind – This is a tricky one because it’s not as physical as the others and we may not have the full awareness yet of what thoughts are actually on repeat and play without any conscious input. Also, the mind is permeated internally. Meditation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other tools have proven very useful for me. I tend to be a very active, multi-tasking chick, and my mind goes in several directions at once. These tools have been terrific at reigning my thoughts in and focusing on productive content that propels me towards progress versus self-sabotage. Trust me, I’ll be talking A LOT more on this topic too!

So, let’s view ourselves in terms of what we absorb. Let’s love ourselves and absorb only things that nourish and fill us up in good ways, not further adding toxicity to our lives.

With so much love.

Simply Megan

3 thoughts on “Sponge-Like Chick

  1. Great blog. There is a lot discussed that i really agree with and somethings revealed to me earlier on. I believe i have been trying to balance a lot of things in my life and make more of an effort to filter my shows things.


    1. Thanks for your great feedback Rakia! I will be posting Part 2 to this post which is entitled “Squeeze Me” and talks about getting rid of what currently occupies our sponge that needs to be gotten rid of!


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