Who Are You, Really?

This post is intended for the reader who is ready and willing to take a look at themselves to gain more insight and awareness of themselves as a whole person individually and in relation to others and the world around them.

The perception of life can get hectic, busy and sometimes even downright disappointing. I find that all of these ebbs and flows are extremely powerful and useful for propelling us to become the best versions of ourselves. Although our society as a whole seems to be more focused on “victim based” consciousness, I prefer to take more of an “ownership based” consciousness. This means that I am in control and own all the aspects of my life. All of my decisions, responses and actions have led me to exactly where I am right in this present moment.

An excellent measure of who we are lies in observing the people who are around us most. We tend to congregate with individuals who reflect back to us our values, esteem and priorities. If we are engaged or intertwined with people and situations who we do not particularly “like” or “agree” with, we need to then turn that around and look at what about these people/situations is the honest reflection of who we are. It’s not always a 1 for 1 dynamic either. So, if I have a person in my life who is selfish and likes to take more than give, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are selfish and take more than we give. It could very well mean that we are “over-givers” and attach some sort of self-worth to the concept of giving more than we receive because deep down we don’t feel “worth” being reciprocated.

These are not always comfortable or easy revelations to come to terms with. We have a tendency to blame others for the way they treat us, when in fact we should be examining what is hidden in our subconscious belief system that accepts this type of treatment.

Times are calling for a more honest approach to dynamics we find ourselves in. We may even find old relationships and friendships that we previously deemed “dead-end” coming back into our lives. I believe these relation-ships serve as an excellent mirror to see what and where we really are inside versus what we attempt to project externally. Let’s go deep and dig out the parts of ourselves that no longer serve our highest self. Acting from a place of love must start with loving ones self. Self-love is the basis of any healthy relationship with anyone else. If we are feeling less than loved when we come into contact with any individual, this is a perfect opportunity to really look to see what about the interaction is less than desired, and what about ourselves continues to radiate the polarity of said interaction.

With so much love.

Simply Megan

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