Letting Go Of Your Gift Wrapped Bullshit

So many times in life we feel like we must hold on tightly to things that we love or that matter the most to us. In my own life, I’m always about “the principle”. I have found that the things I tend to hang onto with an iron fist are actually some pain in the ass gift wrapping to some deeper issue/bullshit. My deeper issue need(ed) to be clear to me (a lot of times painfully). I needed change my attachment to the gift wrap, in order to address the “gift” (my bs!) in order to “win” at this game of life that we’re all playing.

Control and manipulation are at the forefront for issues that most human being’s share. Of course, if we’re defensive and perhaps not quite honest with ourselves, we’d read that and say “oh no!  not me?! I don’t do that”. However, once we really and truly examine the emotional core of what and why things/people/situations have the ability to upset us, we find that it usually comes back to a place of fear. Fear is such an annoying little shit. It comes across in so many ways that it’s easily masked and disguised (that coward!!). Fear has police killing innocent black children, women and men. Fear has us in stressful dynamics with people we once or still love(d). Fear has people making decisions that are detrimental to themselves and everyone around them. Any time we find ourselves saying that we “need” or “want” something, and we don’t receive that, the converse tends to be fearing some particular outcome if we don’t in fact get what we need or want. Maybe it’s not a particular outcomes, maybe it’s just a reality that we don’t want to accept because of the meaning we have attached to it. Either way, I have been trying my hand at not being attached to outcomes. A lot of people would say “don’t expect anything and you’ll never be disappointed”. That can be a very depressing and pessimistic existence. I’d like to offer my revision of that statement. Don’t expect anything from anyone but yourself, however trust and have faith that the *insert whomever you worship or believe in here* (Universe/God/Jesus/Orishas/Buddha/Allah/Maat/Thoth) will bring you exactly what you need at exactly the right time. It may not show up as you may have imagined it, it may even come looking like a huge dilemma or painful experience. For me, the more I let go of what I think my life “should” look like or what outcome a particular situations “needs to” have, I find that I am limiting myself from the endless possibilities that the Universe provides. Love, joy, bliss, healing, forgiveness, redemption, resilience etc. will all show up when they are supposed to. Make it easy for them to appear by not allowing your antiquated perceptions paint an ugly picture on a beautiful canvas.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

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