Knowing When To Fold

Sometimes we can get so caught up in to-do lists, workout routines, schedules and life events that it seems we never have any down time. A lot of times, it’s very true that our schedules and priorities do require us to be at full capacity for the majority of time some days. It sounds great that say that we need to “schedule some me time” for ourselves, but realistically that isn’t always feasible.

I’ve recently realized that it is extremely challenging to actually take “down time”. Even when I attempt to relax I find my mind racing and analyzing what should or could be getting done instead of actually remaining present and resting. One of the tools that can be utilized to combat this is to actually have gratitude for the place you are, right now this very second, not in an hour once you complete x,y,z. Not in a month when your body looks like this or that. But right now, looking at what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve overcome and how we’ve excelled and appreciating that, instead of beating ourselves up for what hasn’t occurred yet.

I implore you (and myself) to take actually focus on silencing your inner voice that attempts to keep you busy (versus productive) all the time. Let’s schedule in “me time” and “know when to fold” on our current routines. The world will not end. This, just like any change will take practice, diligence and consistency. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and fold when the time calls for it. We can focus and zero in on the things that genuinely need to be addressed when we allow ourselves to just simply be and presently fold into our magnificence, even if only for a moment.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

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