I’m in Love with the CoCo!

And by Coco I mean….Coconut Oil. Yes ya’ll, coconut oil is one of my very favorite things and I use it daily for maintaining my health and beauty. Besides containing all types of super AMAZING beneficial properties, coconut oil actually tastes great and when used in cooking gives food a rich flavor.

My personal favorite use of coconut oil is oil pulling. Oil pulling consists of putting about a tablespoon of oil (you can use several kinds but coconut is my preference) in your mouth and “pulling” it (swishing, swirling, pushing) the oil around your mouth like you would a mouthwash. You do this for about 10-15 minutes. I usually put it in my mouth before my shower and then spit it out a few minutes after I get out (in the trash only you don’t want it clogging up drains). The oil mixes with your saliva and creates a thin liquid that is actively detoxifying you mouth, teeth and entire body! This method is an ancient practice that has been proven to reduce (and even heal) cavities. I personally have reversed cavities and reduced/rid myself of pain associated with them as well. Besides killing harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, coconut oil can be consumed to help reduce appetite and helping to burn fat. This stuff is ridiculously versatile!!

Of course it works great to moisturize skin and hair. I promise, if I was stranded on an island, a bottle of coconut oil would probably be my second wish! The first would be water. Don’t just take my word for it. Consult Madame Google! See how you can incorporate coconut oil into your life and watch the benefits take over! I even have my children doing this, watch my 2 year old give a tutorial on how to oil pull along with some things you can do while you oil pull!

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

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