35 in Review

So! I will have been on this earth 35 years as of November 23, 1980 at 4:00pm. 35 is the age that I officially considered “old” when I was younger, however now I see it as “still young”. Young enough to start over, young enough to change for the better, young enough to experience life in all its fullness and glory. But, let’s be honest, no age is “too old” to do that now is it?

I have already spilled my guts in previous posts such as my Open Letter To Everyone . So, I won’t do that here. What I will do. It reflect on this past year and express where I am currently. Gratitude is the first word that pops into mind. I have been surrounded by such beautiful, amazing, rich and hilarious tribe members. Men and women who love me for who I am at my core, who show up and who provide me an honest reflection of myself so I can either build on or tweak the parts of myself I see. I’ve made a bunch of huge decisions over this past year (and the few before that also) and I as I embark on living in a new place, launching a new business and creating a new physical “norm” for myself I have learned resounding lesson that perspective is everything and I must be very mindful of the things I manifest for myself in my life because my mind is EXTREMELY powerful!!!

I have faced challenges, loss, betrayal, heartbreak and disappointment. We all have. These things happen in life, we must expect it. We must be ready to continue to persevere and learn the lessons that said challenges are here to teach us, for if we don’t, they’ll continue to manifest. I have also faced unconditional love, support, guidance and amazing blessings. As I close old chapters and open new ones, I can see that in between the lines lies the old adage of self-love. Nothing is permanent, except the way I treat myself and others. And through that treatment I can create or tear down. I choose to be a creator. The last 35 years have prepared me to step into my greatness and I am ready, willing and able to do so.

I am in a period of healing. I must heal so that I do not perpetuate pain. Thank you for reading and thank you for being an integral part of who I am today.


With So Much Love,


Simply Megan

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