I curse out my hot yoga instructor

… in my mind that is.

Let’s just be honest and say hot yoga is pretty challenging. Standing in a steamy, hot (105 degrees to be exact) sweaty room on a yoga mat, twisting and contorting your body into positions that used to seem so simple in childhood. I can quickly come up with a list of the things I DON’T like about yoga, the things that get on my nerves and that aggravate my spirit.

Here’s a very abbreviated version:

Poses are supposed to be a certain number of seconds, I’m not always sure what they are or when the teacher started counting but it feels like and I can almost guarantee they go over!!! Ouch!!!

When I’m in the hot corner of the room I perceive that I’ve worked harder than other students NOT in the hot corner.

“I should get my cool washdrenched in freezing water and essential oils FIRST ! It’s only fair!”

“You know good and (insert expletive here) well it’s time to turn on that (another expletive) fan now!!!”

“That was NOT 10 seconds you (more expletives here)!!!”


Whooo saaa. Ok. Rant Over.


But alas, just as paradoxical as life is, those are the very things that cause and help me to grow and expand my capacity. I expand mentally, my compassion grows, my patience is exercised and I learn above all else, how to breath.


Breath is life. It sustains us through our hardest perceptions of reality.


With So Much Love,


Simply Megan







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