Yoga – Master Teacher

​Step back, be still, breathe, notice, intend, focus, execute. What a nice little package of words that looks so simple and earnest in print. The truth is, it really IS simple, but easy?? Nah. Each of those words requires mindfulness of yourself, and  THAT is a completely different story. As with anything else practice makes better. (there is no such thing as perfection)

In any posture I do, I mindfully follow those steps to increase my chances of success. Can you tell I’m not just talking about yoga yet? Oh ok, well I’m not. I’m talking about life too. I’m talking about traffic jams, I’m talking about co-workers, I’m talking about the news, I’m talking the thoughts and words we choose, I’m talking about relationships , I’m talking about everything!

Approaching life with steps and strategies is crucial to evolution and progress. The one constant is change so we know we can expect that. The only thing we have control and governance over is our own self, so it makes sense to start there and begin to get involved with how I am responding to the changes.

With So Much Love,


Simply Megan


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