Words carry a lot of energy. They convey our thoughts and clearly state our intention for thereality we are creating (constantly) for ourselves. There are a lot of cliche statements that reference and highlight this theme.
​“As above, so below” and “you are what you think” are few that although they may sound very unconventional, generic and lofty, however there is real and true value in being mindful of just how much words can work to determine your life’s experience(s). As I have observed myself and my experiences within the span of my life, I begin to correlate what a strong tie there is between the thoughts I’m having, and subsequently the words that I choose while expressing myself.

At this current point in my life, my personal charge and opportunity for growth is found in using LESS words. I know not everyone has this challenge, but I definitely did! So, I have evolved my
language to incorporate words/motto’s/responses that say a lot without saying much. Maximizing the minimum, getting the most bang for my buck (proverbially speaking….well,actually…literally too!)

I am extremely mindful of my responses with myself and others. There are a few select, choice responses I am finding to be practical for most circumstances. Also, these same responses help me to identify and process the most beneficial, peaceful vantage point to choose.

Yes is definitely my favorite, the top pick, the number one chosen response that I have to most situations. Why? For me, it stems from overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of the things that
I am fortunate enough to have and experience. This is a crucial part of being able to receive abundance and “more” of anything.

By saying “yes” I am acknowledging the great gift that is before me. I am passionately exclaiming that I am thankful for whatever “good” is happening. Being an extremist, I take it to the thought process of, “if I’m not saying yes about it, then it really doesn’t matter.” Not that it literally doesn’t matter, but it’s not a matter I am going go choose to focus on or put much energy into at all.

If there is a situation/scenario when yes isn’t the response, I’m looking for the next actions I need to take to put myself in a situation where it is. I only choose to be involved in dynamics that consistently warrant the need for that response. Yes, there are plenty of situations where “Yes” would not be the initial appropriate response, however even in those, I search, dig and hunt for the “yes”. You know why? Because It’s always there. Even in the midst of catastrophic pain and loss, there is always something to be grateful for, and to say yes about.

This has proved a great asset to me, along with those who come into contact with me and are exposed to this relatively radical line of thinking and way of being. I am humbled and honored to
be able to share this blog post in a clear and succinct way. Yeeesss!!!

I have come into contact with people who I meet one time that walk away exclaiming “yes!!!”. One man I met invested in my business and calls me to have our weekly “yes” recap. I have client’s who leave the Honey Pot saying “yes”. My friends and family say it much more often. Even if folks aren’t as extreme as I am with implementing yes into their daily vernacular, it’s a
nugget that can assist to help guide you back to what the focal priorities should be. 

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