Toxicity Is Relative

She’s baaaaaccckkk!!! I’ve decided to force myself to be committed and consistent to documenting more of my intellectual property it would be a fantastic idea to begin responding to questions on my very philosophical and lofty views on life in public written form for many to access and hopefully be impacted an a very transformative, evolutionary way.

My gift is in my communication. I can articulate and express things in a manner which is relatable and thought-provoking. Lots of my deep and profound revelationary moments come within conversation. The conversation I have been having lately a lot and I’ve noticed has been swirling around is toxicity. As in, you’re toxic and I don’t want toxicity in my life. I know that’s something that I personally have said plenty of times and used as a justification to alow myself to completely shut down. (FEAR)

Then, I had to be honest and really consider what is toxic and/or toxicity and this is what I came up with. Toxicity is relative. Toxic is something that is not vibrating on the same frequency within you currently wish to vibrate.

Please re-read that sentence, beacause there are tons of variables in the words.

What is toxic to you today may not have been toxic to you yesterday, dependent on all the variables involved. We are not static, we constantly change and evolve, day to day, minute to minute and second to second. So does everything else in this Universe. We want to hold onto this theory of permanence when there is no such thing. Just because you are toxic to me today, doesn’t mean you deserve the label of being a “toxic person”.

When you were vibrating with a specific person, place, scenario, dynamic, it was always healthy for you, until it wasn’t. And there is nothing wrong with being present enough to recognize when it isn’t anymore. There is nothing wrong with knowing your boundaries to keep the pH balance (frequency) of your life vibration exactly where you intend it to be at any given moment.

Example. An “enlightened” being goes into a space with hardcare drug users. The enlightened being attepts to try to begin “helping” by doing emotional work to assist the drug user to get to the root of what pain and trauma is being suppressed to illicit this continued coping mechanism. Said emotional work triggers the individual who was not in the space to handle such a large charge, begins to lash out and become angry, defensive and “toxic”. But, who was toxic “first”? Relative .

I hope this message finds someone well. Be willing to see when you’re choices are toxic also, and not always in the conventional way.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

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