Wake Up!


Wale up! No, literally. Shoot out of bed first thing in the morning (preferably between 4-6am) and dedicate an hour to yourself. Be grateful for the fact that you are able to experience another day and take action to set the vibration and intention for how your day will play out. For years, I rolled around in the morning, scrolling my life away on social media or hitting the snooze only to have an anxiety filled morning/day rushing to be on time to wherever I needed to be.

As I evolve and grow, I find myself immersed in entrepreneurship and acutely aware of how all my actions, thoughts, and words have a very direct impact on my life’s experiences. As I am mindful of observing myself and my dynamics within the world both past and present, I have more and more revelations everyday. I realize that I used to be a complainer. The things I used to do and the conversations I used to have and the people I used to connect with now provide a spectacular contrast to where I am and my future trajectory. I used to be very ungrateful.  I used to be entitled, immature, childish, arrogant, abusive, resentful, unforgiving and selfish. It is very easy for me to see this contrast now because I have worked daily to keep myself aligned with gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, love and integrity.

When I dedicate time to myself in the early hours of the morning, not only do I have more time to accomplish my large list of opportunities (formerly known as tasks) but I am also vibrating in a more abundant vibration. Because I am enthusiastically showing up for my life and the opportunity it affords me, I find that life is showing up more enthusiastically for me. I am meeting more like-minded individuals who understand the power of manifestation. I am being presented with more amazing opportunities to collaborate with other people who are looking to do the same work I’m doing. My mood, energy and decisions are more aligned with the affirmations, goals and intentions I set for myself in the morning.

Simply put, my life is improving, drastically. I wanted to share this with you all to provide some motivation and encouragement to give this practice a try and see the miraculous changes that are possible. Yes

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan,

aka The Honey Pot


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