Reconciling with God

God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, The Universe, Source, Higher Self…

Humanity has a pressing need to “label” things in an attempt to be better equipped to wrap their mind around and accept things. I have personally grown to not subscribe to labels and make the intentional choice to accept, and be. God is infinite and all that exists. Therefore, I am infinite, and all that exists.

I have found that there are very specific levels of energy and these can be used to determine and/or predict the action, behavior, situations, emotional responses, outcomes, scenarios, dynamics and overall energetic implications of a person, place or thing. The learning of this knowledge has better equipped me to not only observe my own varying energy levels, but observe the energy or past, current and future endeavors as well. Combined with truly tapping into and trust my intuition is yielding wonderfully rapid and drastic results in my life and the lives of those whom I impact.

When I was a young girl, I had a song that came to me which consisted of the word “yes” repetitively. When I was in my early 20’s I attended a church names New Life Ministries in Rochester, NY and truly felt it in my soul when Bishop McGill told me that God was going to use me to spread “the message”. In fact, I felt it so much I enrolled in to the Master’s in Divinity Program at Shaw University shortly after my eldest child’s father was violently murdered in Rochester, NY.

Divinity school left me confused, anxious and angry at the social, political, historic and financial dynamics at play when Christianity was formed. Because I (and a lot of humanity) had been programmed within a very dualistic (extreme) nature, I just threw the whole religion out and deemed it oppressive, fake and ill intended. Now, there are still parts of the religion (and all religion(s) / spirituality frankly) that appeal more to it’s participant’s ego rather than the higher self dynamic. With and through unconditional love and compassion, religion/spirituality has it’s rightful place, along with any (yes any) dynamic written and cycled throughout the history of humanity.

As I take an observant role at where my life is currently, I am humbled, overwhelmed, honored and in extreme Awe at how my life has truly circled back to the very messages and inklings that my intuition (GOD) has been whispering into my spirit either directly or by way of other’s on my life’s path.


I am so grateful to have stepped into my evangelical prophesied role of being an example for God’s light here on earth. I am stepping into this role unapologetically and standing on faith that God will redeem and elevate me to a position and platform that will allow millions to be touched by this divine source that flows through me, and all of us.



With So much Love,


The Honey Pot


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