The Purge

Greetings Everyone!

I hope this content is finding you with an open mind and heart. I wanted to share some of my recent experiences and revelations around organizing my home, business and mind.

I had been feeling an energetic “push” if you will, to really buckle down over the past few weeks. I am the type of person who typically has about 20-30 projects swirling around in my mind at any given time. As you can imagine, that’s quite a bit of information to keep track of. Admittedly I was becoming frustrated with myself because I know that these ideas and projects are really dope, however I was not really equipping myself to follow through and execute on a good chunk of them.

Fed up, I decided that I really needed to find some type of system to apply that would create the space and opportunity to be able to really begin making some tangible headway. The first step was to pull everything out and put them in a centralized place to be able to further evaluate, analyze and categorize. I needed to physically see all of the things that my mind had been scattering itself trying to keep track of.

Once I took an inventory of what I was holding on to, I was in a much better position to determine what the next steps (if any) needed to be taken. YES GOD! The next step was to break down my brain dump into three categories. The ones I chose were routines, tasks and projects. Routines are the things that I desire to be a consistent (daily, weekly) part of my life. These are things like exercise, morning routing, meditation, healthy eating etc. Tasks are things that can be done with a focused effort within a few hours.  Projects are things that require a series of tasks to complete.  I had a previous issue of confusing projects with tasks when in fact projects have many tasks involved. I also had the habit of creating really unrealistic timeframes on the things which I wanted to complete, which left me feeling depleted, overwhelmed and like a failure.

I am so pleased to report that I knocked off three main projects already within one week of doing this practice! I re-organized my room, my garage (my warehouse), purged the children’s toys and today I will be tackling the kitchen and remaining spaces in my home. What I realized during the organization of physical spaces was so profound and really  in alignment with my earlier brain dump activity.  The things that we are storing (mentally or physically) need to come out in the open so we can evaluate them. I found so many things that I could re-purpose and I also found a lot of things that really no longer line up with the vision that I currently have for my life. This reinforced to my why it is so important to really take the time to visualize what your ideal life looks like. Things that were ideal to me last year are no longer ideal to me today. Things that I want to do on a day to day basis have evolved and grown.

The main takeaways from these experiences are:

  1. Define what it is that you want to do with your life, space, business, self
  2. Pull out what it is that you do have or are being so you can do an honest evaluation on what is, isn’t or could be serving you moving forward.
  3. Create a system that works for you that will enable you to take bite sized steps towards realizing your goals and vision.


I hope this helps you in some way! Happy New Year!IMG_9780.JPG

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