“Strong Black Woman” no more!!!

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before.

I was raised to believe that it was noble, reverent and some badge of honor to constantly be “hustling”, “handling business”, “getting it out the mud” and “just doing it myself”.

For almost my whole life, I have been operating too much in my masculine energy.

It slides under the radar for so many of us because we’re born into situations that model these concepts. Our survival was literally dependent on the need to protect and provide for ourselves.

I’ve made a very radical decision about keeping up this unbalanced self concept, identify and image.


Honestly, it’s QUITE a big mindset adjustment. This trait has allowed me to have many great accomplishments in my life, however the more that I am unlearning and reflecting on my experiences I am realizing that I was almost insistent in making things harder than they needed to be.

I, like many of us, was engrained to believe that if you don’t have to struggle for it, it’s not worth having.

As I reflect, I realize that many of the manifestations I received were because I was operating in my femininity, without actually being conscious of doing so…

Some of the ways I have been unbalanced (more masculine) in my energy have been:

  1. Not accepting help with simple things (carrying bags, lifting heavy packages, etc)
  2. Being impatient and “doing it myself” versus being still and allowing things to happen in their own time
  3. Overthinking, over strategizing and being a perfectionist. Being critical of myself and others
  4. Being so much of an open book, allowing everyone around me to know exactly what I was thinking and how I was feeling.
  5. Stepping in and trying to “help” grown men with thing and by default robbing them of their innate and intrinsic need to pursue, conquer and solve. Standing in the way of their evolution and development.

This has truly been a mind blowing and life changing concept that I’ve been taking time to absorb, apply and express. If we’re connected on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been a lot less active there. I’ve been taking inventory of the things I’ve no longer been available for. Some of those things are:

  1. Waisting time on activities I don’t enjoy
  2. Scrolling my life away
  3. Consuming content that invoke feelings that are not pleasant for me
  4. Being in spaces where I don’t feel valued and appreciated
  5. Stretching myself too thin because I don’t want to relinquish control

It’s my intention that this may be inspiring for you to take inventory and identify some of the ways or approaches that could stand a reevaluation.

I invite you to join me in June for the following virtual and in person events!

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

With So Much Love,



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