And the truth set me free…

I happened to be checking out the various upcoming holidays and I came across “Honesty Day” on April 30th. Did you know that was a thing? I had no idea!

To me, Honesty Day should be everyday

Honesty is something that can literally transform your life. Here’s a few ways it transformed in mine:

  1. Being honest with myself about how I truly felt about my life and affairs allowed me to get real with myself about what direction I needed to move in.
  2. Being honest with myself about my limiting beliefs allowed me to create affirmations that attest to my new expansive and abundant beliefs.
  3. Being honest (and setting boundaries) with the men in my life who didn’t embody the behaviors and characteristics of what I desired from a partner allowed me to make space for my husband to enter my life.
  4. Being honest with myself about the consequences of certain decisions and habits I was choosing allowed me to change the choices I was making.
  5. Being honest with myself about what truly made me happy allowed me to lean more into those things and let go of what I was doing for other silly reasons like fear of what people would think or feelings of obligation.

Honesty is a game changer. It’s the main ingredient in profound transformation. The truth truly does set you free.

Are you being honest with yourself and everyone in your life?

Are you not being completely honest because that would then require you to do something different? Something that doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable to you?

I want to encourage you to invest some time taking an inventory of the various parts of your life and seeing if any are candidates for being a bit more honest about…

Steaming and/or bathing is a great time to ponder these things.

I have created the discount code HONESTY in case you’d like to stock up or perhaps give the gift of womb and heart health to your mother or someone you care for this upcoming Mother’s Day on May 9th.

This Thursday is the Sip, Steam & Release session where we’re going to be doing an extra special activity for releasing what isn’t serving us, specifically limiting beliefs. It’s gonna be REALLY GOOD, I’m excited and hope you’ll join us!

Have an amazing day.

With So Much Love,



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