Emotional Healing Through Steaming

This past week I decided to get onto my IG Live to check in. As I sat in my office, having a conversation with my phone and the beautiful energy on the other end, the conversation found its way to my 3rd birthing story/experience. I have given 4 live births, however I have been pregnant nearly double that many times. (I’ll be discussing abortion and miscarriage in future content)


I think it’s definitely safe to qualify any form of life passing through us as traumatic, this time was no exception to that rule.


As I began to recall my own particular birth story with my youngest son Jace, I was triggered. I was triggered about the general vibrational frequency I held throughout my pregnancy. I was seen as a “high risk” pregnancy due to being overweight and at risk for preeclampsia.  The relationship from which my son was conceived was “failed” fairly early on and the emotional eating and depression wasn’t helping me to feel better about myself or my indebtedness to my rapidly expanding body which was at the mercy of the pregnancy.


When I arrived at the hospital and went to triage at 7 centimeters dilated, irritated and experiencing painful contractions,  I was monitored and soon told to go home with an Ambien prescription and “come back tomorrow”. Besides being infuriated at the dismissive and incompetent medical judgment of the doctor on duty, I was frustrated and disgusted that it was even considered acceptable for a pregnant woman in labor to take a sleeping sedative. I didn’t perceive my “partner” as being emotionally supportive as he snuck out of the room with my phone and decided to take advantage of my vulnerable condition in an attempt validate his own transgressions and insecurities.


That is my recollection of this particular birth experience. This magical, divine, extraordinary, spectacular and brilliant reality of bringing forth life felt horrible to me because of the negative feelings and emotions that I experienced and subsequently associated with this experience. When I began to recall this experience on my IG Live broadcast, I felt the tears well up and the lump in my throat grow. I had the immediate revelation that this was still a trauma/subconscious cell that was tucked and stored within me that needed to be released. I decided to steam that evening (on IG Live again) with the intention of my “trauma story” around this experience. ( I used my Victorious Blend)


I created an intentional and compassionate space for myself to release in just planning to do the steam, but the steam itself proved to be a very grounding, reflective and healing experience for me. As I began to steam, I initially felt myself get very calm and “wise” about the most empowering way to look back at the experience. It’s funny because I never have been able to articulate that before, I felt the plants wisdom affect my mental processing. It was incredible. I took a very mature stance and really pondered my energetic condition. What I came up with was that my internal state (depressed, dissatisfied, ungrateful and under-appreciated) was having a serious correlation on the things I was attracting into my own experiences.


I was so determined to never have that type of experience again that when I found myself pregnant 9 months later, I decided to do things completely naturally. I planned (and did) have my daughter naturally in the water and used a birthing center instead of a hospital. For post partum care I also looked for alternative and holistic methods, which is how I came across vaginal steaming. I was coming for physical recovery but gained so, SO MUCH MORE!


I love how even though I thought at the time it was a horrible and disastrous experience, it led me to something that would not only heal me, but assist me to connect to myself and ultimately facilitate other people’s healing as well. I now look back on my 3rd birthing experience as a catalyst in my evolution. It was necessary to push me towards my purpose and my passion, albeit excruciatingly painful.


I hope you can relate to this experience in some way. Often we can change our perspective and our trauma story can turn into our triumph story. It sometimes requires that we intentionally make some time to go back and revisit it, and glean more wisdom from it. I am so grateful that I was led to vaginal steaming, and I am also grateful that no matter what we “come for” God knows exactly what we need.

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