Budding Goddess Vaginal Steam Service

We are excited to share the evolution of our business and the expansive ways to offer value to the community!

Steaming as a rite of passage is especially important for adolescents because our bodies and lives are rapidly transforming during this phase of life. Connecting with and being made aware of the potential to honor, cherish and love your sacred space is profoundly important.
-Perineal Steam (25-35 minutes)
-Access to safe, non-judgmental, education around body and spiritual -development.
Honey Pot Special Tea (Detoxifying and Soothing)
Once a young woman experiences her first menstruation, she can enjoy the many benefits of steaming. She will have a choice of seven formulated herbal blends which will be safely heated with alkaline water and then placed under an open seat, upon which you will sit. The perineal tissues and organs will experience immersion in medicinal herbal steam.
This service can be with an adult or independent, it can also be done with other Budding Goddesses.
All steams will be performed in a confidential, compassionate, nurturing and positive space. By connecting with your intimate well-being, you will be empowered to love, honor and heal yourself.
Book your special session with your Budding Goddess here
With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot (Megan)

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