Life In Shambles…

Happy Day Yes God Family!

****Warning**** that the contents of this message may be triggering AND they may just help you change your life, DRASTICALLY. I hope no matter what, the result is a change for the good, even if it’s just reflection and gratitude.

I realize that in sharing what’s on my heart today I may lose some subscribers and I’m ok with that.

There have been several teachable moments over the past few days in my life and after reflection and meditation I realize what the root issue is.


I used to (and sometimes STILL DO) have this issue myself.

I remember being on the phone with a friend several years ago and discussing all of our pressing issues, the people we had issues with, the things we didn’t like about what had happened that day and other various complaints.

It seemed perfectly normal. We even laughed and made jokes mocking people and situations to “make light” of clear discontent. If I knew then what I knew now…

Last night when we arrived home after a relatively short but action packed grocery shopping trip with a newborn and two children. We had briefly stopped for some fast food (no judgement) because mama was NOT cooking. My son said “FINALLY we’re home” in a very whiny and irritated tone…

It was time for another teachable moment. I am very mindful of the ways in which I am train my children. My main priority is their (and subsequently my own) heart posture over all else.

I reminded my child of the car accident we witnessed on the way home and brought his attention to the fact that it could have been us. I brought his awareness to the possibility that it could be us in that ambulance with our van damaged beyond repair and that we could be on our way to a hospital right now instead of pulling up to a beautiful house, in a warm vehicle filled to the brim with yummy food (both for now and later), healthy bodies and a beautiful loving family dynamic.

I have witnessed so many people who are in perpetual cycles of discontent who “can’t seem to get right” in life no matter what they do.

I also witness that they are ALWAYS incessant complainers.

Here’s just a few common examples of UNGRATEFUL-ness (keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an outward expression, just FEELING this way will magnetize lack to you):

  1. Looking in the mirror complaining about our bodies INSTEAD OF thanking GOD and being GRATEFUL for the ability to walk, see, hear, smell, touch taste.
  2. Constantly complaining about how unjust people, society or circumstances are INSTEAD OF thanking GOD and being GRATEFUL for the ability to serve and finding ways to do so consistently.
  3. Comparing ourselves to others and how we don’t have or are not where we want to be in life INSTEAD OF being present and consistent in our own journey, process and unfolding and celebrating life itself.
  4. Going out to eat or to any service based business and not tipping INSTEAD OF recognizing the time, energy and effort that was saved by having a person/people provide you with that service.
  5. Talking sh*t about people who aren’t doing the things we want INSTEAD OF being thankful for their presence, the lessons they’ve taught us and allowing them to live their life as we take full responsibility for the things we want to experience and all the other wonderful ways we’re blessed.
  6. Focusing on how we don’t have the “things” you want (new clothes, new car, new home) INSTEAD OF being overjoyed that you have things to wear, a place to sleep and ways to get around.
  7. Entertaining relationship dynamics that don’t make us feel loved and appreciated INSTEAD OF leaning into the people in our lives who love, support and show up for you consistently.
  8. Wanting to “give people a piece of their mind”,argue and be right INSTEAD OF resting in faith and belief that GOD is the ultimate judge of truth and that life will always balance itself out without the need for harsh energy to be injected.

I invite you to search your heart to see if you can relate to any of these. I know I can! In being honest enough to identify the places for improvement, guess what..we can improve!

I pray that today is filled with focus on all the amazing and wondrous things that your life contains.

With So Much Love,


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