Sunday Success Tips

Have you ever heard the phrase “A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week of Content”?

It’s true.

There’s something about thinking ahead about what we want to accomplish and then preparing and planning accordingly that allows us to have more success.

It’s the same with anything you want to accomplish or “manifest”. Actually thinking about and defining what specifically that thing is is half the battle!

It’s easy to say “this week I want to finish painting the garage” or “this week I want to work out everyday” but when lay out the painting supplies or our workout clothes, the chance of those things actually happening increases exponentially.

I want to encourage you to carve out a little piece of this evening to contemplate what is important for you to complete this week (or today, or this year). I want to suggest that you then do at least one thing that will set you up for success in actually attaining that goal. It can be as simple as putting it on your calendar or clearing out some space to set you up to do that thing.

As I’ve been sleep training my daughter, the importance of forethought and planning is highlighted more than ever. When it’s time for our nightly bath and bedtime routine, I lay out her jammies and honey butter and have her milk in bottle ready at my nightstand to give her after we nurse. It’s the little things that allow the overall goal (A successful sleep) to be achieved.

I hope you have a day of ease and divine flow.

With So Much Love,


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