I love you soooo much!

As I was fulfilling orders, I saw a familiar name and then noticed that this person had placed their 12th order!!!

I was brought to mind of all the incredible people I’ve connected with on this spiritual journey of mine that encompasses Yes God Wellness. 

I began remembering the early days of steaming locally in Durham from my home. 

I remembered the beautiful souls that saw value in what I was creating before I truly even saw the vision. 

I remember hosting pop-ups in DC, Brooklyn, Rochester, Queens, loading and unloading all the pots, herbs and chairs from my van. 

I remember the generosity and support shown in so many different ways. 

I remember the hugs, the tears, the laughter. 

I remember the growth. I am still growing. 

Growth never stops. 

I was truly overcome with gratitude to the point of tears. This journey of Yes God Wellness started as The Honey Pot and then transitioned into something much greater that my imagine could have ever conceived of. I am truly blessed and fortunate to be on this journey and have your accompaniment. 

I would love to be able to send each and every one of you a personal note and reminisce on the good times we’ve shared. Even if we’ve just recently connected on social media or you saw my van and decided to see what Vaginal Steaming is all about. 

I cherish every question, every testimonial, every meal, every friendship,  every comment, every email, every subscription, every conversation, every shout out, every referral. 


I am so honored and humbled and I truly do love you. 

I hope that your life is rich with Divine Substance and fulfilled through faith. 

There is currently 22% off the website no code necessary. 

I would love to connect with you on the Yes God Wellness App as we’re rolling out some exciting new communities there. Stay tuned!

With So Much Love, 



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