Mornings Matter!


Did you know that the way you spend the first 10-20 minutes of your morning are crucial because they have a strong impression on your subconscious for how your energy will circulate throughout your day? When we jump directly on our telephones in the morning we have a tendency to get sucked in and emotionally entangled (albeit subconsciously) into other people and their lives. Since we manifest from our subconscious, it makes sense to do something that affirms, edifies, transforms and empowers one of our most powerful faculties to create intentionally. The emails, messages, money, reactions on social media, texts and missed call notifications will all be there, trust.
I have been on my own spiritual and personal development journey and I have decided to start sharing a LOT more with you about my experiences! I was supposed to send this email to one of my clients and then I thought…why just one? Why not offer as much value as I can to as many people as I can? Isn’t that part of the reason we’re here, living this life? That’s what I believe anyway.
So, here’s a suggestion about how our time and energy is better circulated in the mornings.
1. 5/10 minutes of gratitude reflection (home, family, internet) these can be anything and should range and expand as the practice becomes more consistent. The more you express gratitude the more you will find gratitude in previously overlooked placed.

2. 5/10 minutes of affirmations (see below, feel free to replace or add onto these as fits for you)

” I use my mouth as a blessing for affirmations”

“I am available to magnificent good”

“I am available to more prosperity and abundance that I’ve ever experienced before”

“My conversations are affirmative with vision, possibility and encouragement”

” I am available to dynamic good. I am free from all limitation, all lack and all restriction”

” I am so grateful that I have the power to create my own reality”

“Being and Having alre always my vibration”

3. 5/10 minutes – Visualizing/Imagining your ideal life situation, get detailed about all the senses, look, smell, touch, taste, feel, sound

4. 5/10 minutes – Writing (write what you visualized/imagined) on what you want to manifest in your life

5. 5/10 minutes Exercise ( yoga, running, walking, anything!)

6. 5/10 minutes reading something inspirational.

If you have any questions and/or things that come up that you’d like to discuss please feel free to reach out.
With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot

A Mother’s Day Prayer

Today is a day that has the intention of honoring Mother’s. It believe it is important to also honor anyone who has served to nurture, support and/or provide for anyone, as these are all the fundamental aspects of motherhood. I know that today may trigger some pain for people who no longer have their mother or have had a strained relationship with a mother figure in their life. I want to extend a prayer for you…

“Dear God, thank you for waking me up today and granting me the gift of a right, stable and prosperous mind. I am overcome with gratitude at the ways in which you continue to nurture, support and provide for me. Although there may be some pain surrounding that particular situation with my (or someone else’s) mother, I now fully release and forgive all transgressions that I may have perceived were done against me, along with offering up a sincere apology for all the ways in which I have caused any pain in my relationships. GOD, I forgive myself for doubting and/or blaming you for the dynamics which I have been privy to in my own life surrounding motherhood. I understand and know that even if I am not aware of the grand picture, you are, and your will is always available to me if I am willing to tap into the love vibration I thank you for the loving and tender moments I have had access to with my own or another mother figure in my life. Thank you so much for giving me the capacity to nurture and love other’s, along with giving other’s the capacity to nurture and love me.

With So Much Love,

The Honey Pot.


Perspective Alchemy

We exist in this amazing space and time where technology has literally created infinite opportunities to connect with people, places and things around the globe and beyond. The ease of virtual communication creates access to billions of energies, cultures, dynamics, individuals, issues, scenarios and life experiences. This has had a major transformational impact on our life spans as we know them.

We can now access information immediately. We can contact people, immediately. We can interact with and have awareness of similar lifestyles, mindsets and visions. We have the freedom to align with whatever it is we decide, what a fantastic opportunity!

The various potential outcome(s) for our lives in the wake of this new technology age are much like the ever present opportunities that are available to us through our own perspective on a daily basis. This article will address how the multitude of external potential scenarios technology affords externally, mirrors the possibilities we have internally to connect and align with exactly what it is we truly desire.

For example, I can view “losing my job”  as a horrible catastrophe. I can choose to experience feelings of grief, anxiety, fear and lack. These are all actually very “normal” responses based on the way society has impressed upon us, that we should feel when we “lose” a source of income or a “stable” part of our lives. Of course our upbringing, environment, family and circle of friends plays a major role in our vantage point on life and the experiences we acquire as a baseline for our perspective.

From another perspective I can view “losing my job” as an opportunity to really put effort forth into finding my true purpose and stepping into the divine plan inherently available for my life. I can see how amazing it will be to not feel pressured by time constraints or deadlines imposed by other people. I can see the bliss in being able to work on my own personal development through doing things like yoga, meditation and journaling. I can begin to open my mind to the different ways I can invest my time from the “loss” of what I was doing before, which is really a gain in possibility.

Of course our mind immediately goes to MONEY!!! What about the money? How will I pay my bills? How can I be peaceful and at bliss when I need money!? There is definitely a very real provision that needs to happen in order for us to maintain and elevate our current lifestyles. The answer is very simple, however it doesn’t always seem simple to implement and practice. The answer is trust. Trust in GOD and in the fact that everything is always conspiring for our greatest good, even when it doesn’t necessarily look that way from the first glimpse/experience.

There are many scripts, scenario’s and analyses that play in our minds seemingly 24 hours a day. The typical person allows themselves to be drawn in by these scripts, being a willing participant in the non-stop dialogue that our mind has with us.  More often than not, we identify with these voices as if they all should have equal weight and brevity to project itself onto the position we “should be” or “could be” making. Free will is a Sacred gift that the creative energy has provided us.  We have the extreme honor and advantage of choosing the perspective lens from which we view out life experience(s).

One of the most critical facets of perspective alchemy and the ability to tap into the multitude of opportunities is to first allow our minds to conceive what is possible. By utilizing our past and/or current experiences, we have a built in contrast to know what we do want, by merely identifying what we don’t. For example, I know that I don’t want to waste time investing into a relationship only to be hurt again, so I can reframe that to know I only want to invest in relationships that uplift and heal me.

When we give ourself permission to contemplate on what life would look like if we were truly happy and content, we being to introduce new visions and possibilities, just like that extremely attractive man on your social media feed, now that we’ve seen him, we know he exists. LOL! But, seriously…

When we begin to explore holistic healing and personal development from the vantage point of energy and physics, there are some incredible discoveries and powers to behold. I will address in subsequent publications, but some of the very laws of quantum physics are at play every single day, hour, minute and second of our lives. We are participating in these equations whether we are aware or not, so, from my own personal perspective, I’d like to know and learn as much as I can to make sure that my equation is something that I enjoy and feel fulfilled from.

A lot of people have the tendency to place their attention and focus on what is “missing” from their lives. What they “need” to make their lives better and more fulfilled. This is actually sending a frequency/vibration of lack. When we can be fulfilled and content already with our lives and ourselves, is when we can begin to tap into “more” fulfillment and contentment, because we can only get more of what we are. There is a current trend of “New Age” Metaphysics (that are all actually ancient wisdom regurgitated)  that talk about “manifesting” and “reality creation”. My intention is to begin to peel back the layers of reality creation in my own life, so I can then communicate and share my observations and experiences with you, in the hopes that it can assist and inspire you along your amazing journey.


With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot

How Vaginal Steaming Saved My Life

Today, during a yoni steaming session, I was asked by a client to tell her my story and background around steaming. This is a question I get asked frequently so I pretty much have a “spiel”, where I gloss over the past 5 years of my life (for time efficiency’s sake) and how I have two small children (for a total of 4) and how I got a job when I was 9 months pregnant and then felt pressured to return to work in an alarmingly short time period because I perceived that I had to hurry back to work or the provision for my family would be jeopardized. I was too reliant on myself versus GOD, but GOD can always turn our pain into purpose and redeem decisions we made with less discernment than appropriate. YES GOD!

What I realized today, was that this is NOT A SPIEL. This is a story that needs to be honored, and acknowledged, and praised and learned from. YES GOD!

The truth is that I was involved in what seemed to be like a toxic relationship (but know I realize that the relationship served to show me a mirror to the “toxicity” frequency I vibrated within, that manifested itself in the story line that was my reality (life) at that time and in that space. I perceived that everything was on me and I had to bear the burden because that’s what I had always done…  I will blog more on this dynamic later but in interest of time and readers attention span I will focus back on how vaginal steaming served to save (and still does) my life.

Because I perceived that the societal pressures meant that I needed to sacrifice precious time with my newborn, I delved more deeply into my already natural and holistic lifestyle. My daughter was born naturally with no medication in the water on July 6, 2014. I steamed shortly after I returned home from the hospital and did so consistently 3-4 times per week for about 2 months and then monthly after to keep my cycles and entire body, mind and energy balanced throughout the navigation of the next almost 4 years where I would be standing in my kitchen, running my own business, sharing yoni steaming and the natural healing modalities that I have learned and am still learning with other women.


When I really allowed myself to ponder and express what Yoni Steaming did for me, I realized it poured back into me. Not only did it literally give me botanical vapors containing medicinal properties, but it gave me a space to be vulnerable and receive the abundance of the earth.

Genesis 1:29 – And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

Revelation 22:1-2 –

In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, [was there] the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations.


2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, [was there] the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations.


With So Much Love,


The Honey Pot

Reconciling with God

God, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, The Universe, Source, Higher Self…

Humanity has a pressing need to “label” things in an attempt to be better equipped to wrap their mind around and accept things. I have personally grown to not subscribe to labels and make the intentional choice to accept, and be. God is infinite and all that exists. Therefore, I am infinite, and all that exists.

I have found that there are very specific levels of energy and these can be used to determine and/or predict the action, behavior, situations, emotional responses, outcomes, scenarios, dynamics and overall energetic implications of a person, place or thing. The learning of this knowledge has better equipped me to not only observe my own varying energy levels, but observe the energy or past, current and future endeavors as well. Combined with truly tapping into and trust my intuition is yielding wonderfully rapid and drastic results in my life and the lives of those whom I impact.

When I was a young girl, I had a song that came to me which consisted of the word “yes” repetitively. When I was in my early 20’s I attended a church names New Life Ministries in Rochester, NY and truly felt it in my soul when Bishop McGill told me that God was going to use me to spread “the message”. In fact, I felt it so much I enrolled in to the Master’s in Divinity Program at Shaw University shortly after my eldest child’s father was violently murdered in Rochester, NY.

Divinity school left me confused, anxious and angry at the social, political, historic and financial dynamics at play when Christianity was formed. Because I (and a lot of humanity) had been programmed within a very dualistic (extreme) nature, I just threw the whole religion out and deemed it oppressive, fake and ill intended. Now, there are still parts of the religion (and all religion(s) / spirituality frankly) that appeal more to it’s participant’s ego rather than the higher self dynamic. With and through unconditional love and compassion, religion/spirituality has it’s rightful place, along with any (yes any) dynamic written and cycled throughout the history of humanity.

As I take an observant role at where my life is currently, I am humbled, overwhelmed, honored and in extreme Awe at how my life has truly circled back to the very messages and inklings that my intuition (GOD) has been whispering into my spirit either directly or by way of other’s on my life’s path.


I am so grateful to have stepped into my evangelical prophesied role of being an example for God’s light here on earth. I am stepping into this role unapologetically and standing on faith that God will redeem and elevate me to a position and platform that will allow millions to be touched by this divine source that flows through me, and all of us.



With So much Love,


The Honey Pot


Our Energetic Priorities Multiply




As I meet with my clients at The Honey Pot and we discuss mindfulness in the context of how we interact with life, the importance of perspective alchemy always enters the conversation. As a relative “newbie” in the dedicated practice of the Law of Attraction, (LOA)  I am uncovering some absolutely astounding truths! The main one being that the power is and always has been in my hands, and I have done a great job attracting my current reality and experience! (relatively speaking)

I have ALWAYS manifested situations and experiences in my life, albeit subconsciously for the most part. I have greatly enjoyed some of them, and some hurt like hell. Some of them I took for granted as just “daily routines” or “the way life is”. (perspective) They all have been great opportunities to learn about the magnificent power I have, namely my involvement and prioritization with and of a particular thought-pattern, expectation, dynamic and/or relationship.

The differentiating factor is that now I am very intentional about the outcome which I desire and subsequently strive to accomplish through applying LOA. This has been truly changing the game for me. It has permeated not only my personal life, but also my business in a very positive and prosperous manner. Through a more evolved and deeper understanding of the LOA, I am gaining more insight in to the strategies that yield impressive and rapid results.

I am finding that I have great power in setting the tone of my relationships with others based on how I relate to myself. The relationship I cultivate with myself is the most powerful relationship I will ever be given the honor of being a part of. I have the ability to bridle my divine creative power to literally create anything I want!


According to the Law of Attraction Website : “The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.”  To take this a step further, what we are focusing on with emotional conviction manifests because it holds the energetic priority. Just like any investment, you’re going to get a return on what you invest, doesn’t it make sense to invest in something that shows promising returns that align with your grand design?

Focusing on the “ideal/best case scenario” versus the “worst case scenario” has been a journey for me, because like many others, we are conditioned from a very young age to always be “prepared” for the worst to happen. But let’s analyze that… if I am prepared for the worst, what message/frequency/vibration am I sending out? Won’t the “worst case scenario” inevitably come to pass?

I am observing the correlation that shows up between the ways in which I interact and relate to myself, and the capacity I have to interact, relate and meet the world, exactly where it is. I find that as I cultivate more integrity, peace, happiness, forgiveness, authenticity, dedication, consistency compassion, effectiveness and unconditional love towards myself, I am way more capable of offering these gifts to others.

I am also observing the shift in  the circumstances in which I am finding myself, and how they are more aligned with my desires and ultimate vision. I now, intentionally contemplate and diligently immerse my imagination into the affirmations I get to define for myself and the vision I create for my future. ( <<< ENERGETIC PRIORITY!)

Because I am able to reach and maintain these frequencies, they are being attracted to me on all scales. I am mindfully watching my life evolve in a way I’ve never quite experienced before, and I am excited for the gifts and treasures the universe has coming to me!

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan aka The Honey Pot



Knowing When To Fold

Sometimes we can get so caught up in to-do lists, workout routines, schedules and life events that it seems we never have any down time. A lot of times, it’s very true that our schedules and priorities do require us to be at full capacity for the majority of time some days. It sounds great that say that we need to “schedule some me time” for ourselves, but realistically that isn’t always feasible.

I’ve recently realized that it is extremely challenging to actually take “down time”. Even when I attempt to relax I find my mind racing and analyzing what should or could be getting done instead of actually remaining present and resting. One of the tools that can be utilized to combat this is to actually have gratitude for the place you are, right now this very second, not in an hour once you complete x,y,z. Not in a month when your body looks like this or that. But right now, looking at what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve overcome and how we’ve excelled and appreciating that, instead of beating ourselves up for what hasn’t occurred yet.

I implore you (and myself) to take actually focus on silencing your inner voice that attempts to keep you busy (versus productive) all the time. Let’s schedule in “me time” and “know when to fold” on our current routines. The world will not end. This, just like any change will take practice, diligence and consistency. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and fold when the time calls for it. We can focus and zero in on the things that genuinely need to be addressed when we allow ourselves to just simply be and presently fold into our magnificence, even if only for a moment.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

Open Letter To Everyone

This initially started out as an open letter to Joani, the beautiful soul who encourages, support, loves and lifts me up any chance she gets, mostly virtually now a days on Facebook but also in tangible ways over the years. She made a comment on a recent post I put on Facebook regarding my weight release and transformational journey over the past year. She talked about the trials, tribulations, challenges, triumphs, changes and catalysts that have affected my life for the past several many years. She brought me to tears. She brought me to a deep place of humility and gratitude and I decided that instead of just responding to her, I’d respond to everyone. All those who have played a part in my life, whether you loved me, hurt me, supported me, abandoned me, guided me, mentored me, laughed with me, cried with me, given to me, taken from me, helped me, broke my heart, double-crossed me, it doesn’t matter, you helped me to become who I am, and for that, I am so appreciative. Ultimately any of the dynamics I/we’ve experienced are a matter of perception. And perception is so critical to how we respond and grow.

Although I’m not here to go into the intricate details of my life, I am here to be open and say that these past few years have not always been comfortable or easy. They have been filled experiences of loss and pain that brought me tremendous, suffering, pain and sorrow.

I lost my amazing, beautiful, charismatic, robust, giving, sacrificial, loving older brother whom I had the immense honor or meeting and knowing for the past 8 years of my life. He was 20 years my elder and served as a best friend, father-figure, older brother and kindred soul mate whose profound effect on me, my children’s and several others lives will NEVER be overlooked or not felt.

I loved a man and created two fantastic, beautiful, gifted, amazing and brilliant children with. Although our personal relationship romantic relationship was not long-lasting, we have/are worked(ing) on coming to a mutual respect and honor for each other and the role we will now play in each others lives for the rest of this lifetime. We still love and care for each other very much in the context of being spiritual beings brought together to create greatness. The profound love we share for our children supersedes any other dynamic.

My friendship with another one of my soul mates grew and became strong and fortified as she navigated both pregnancies with me and helped aid and assist me in the birth of my youngest daughter. Her love, support, encouragement, conversation, astrological studying, energy, healing words and fresh perspective have been pivotal in becoming the person I am today.

I found out that I was to be a grandmother and my Sun would be transitioning into fatherhood at the tender age of 17. I have learned to allow space for the growth and transition through adolescence, to hold space for the inevitable learning and natural universal consequence that comes with making choices for ourselves. I have come to grow in my admiration for his resilience and ability to persevere through loss and challenges.

My respect, honor and admiration for my daughter has grown as I see how she is navigating through her adolescence while she serves as a strong support of me and her younger siblings in helping me to care for them consistently, thoroughly and in such a nurturing fashion. Her grace, strength, patience and dynamic flexibility inspires me daily.

My heart has been cracked wide open to experience an influx of emotions from love/bliss to pain/loss. I have healed wounds that I was unaware existed. I have loved in spaces and places that I thought were scarred over. I have learned that slow-paced, methodical and consistent breathing, thinking and doing are key. I have been introduced to new love(s) that have impacted my life in ways that served to catapult me into becoming the best version of my own Self.

My friends both near and far are such a brilliant and beautiful reflection of the things I embody and as my circle has/is changing, I see ascension. I see love. I see happiness. I see growth.

I have looked into the people who surround me and seen the reflection of my flaws and my strengths. I have utilized the gift of perception and focused on gratitude versus victim-consciousness. I have found and admitted my passions to myself. I have met and mingled with many new friends and energies that have served to show me the potential to which I can reach. I have let go of things, people, things, thought patterns and dynamics which no longer serve my highest purpose. I have reflected on where I’ve been and am genuinely grateful for all of these experiences. I have left behind the painful emotion and focused on the positive result and new growth and insight I’ve gained as a woman. I have accepted that I am amazing, charismatic, hilarious, giving, generous, impulsive, determined, stubborn and sometimes argumentative. I have also accepted that these things do not define me, yet they allow me inspire, create and lift others up. I have been given new reasons to persevere (versus excuses on why I can’t so anything).  I have become aware that I change every single day, and that the difference between misery and bliss is one thing: perception. Gratitude is the root of all joy. Without these people and scenario’s I wouldn’t be where and who I am today, and I am sooo in love with who and where I am today. The support provided to me has been amazing. This is not just about me and my own strength, this is about the strength and resolve of the people in my circle who I’ve been exposed to, some in closer proximity than others. Thank you, I love you.

Thank you Joani. Thank you for being one of the several amazing souls in my life that supports and loves me through all of life’s changes. Thank you to everyone for the role you’ve played, are playing and will continue to play. I do not take for granted your contribution nor presence in my life, whatever that was, is or will be.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

True Love


Just the mere pairing of those two words and we tend to automatically jump towards thinking or romantic love. Of course, romantic love is included in this sentiment, however TRUE love covers a more colossal gamut. My attention and focus coming out of this most recent Venus Retrograde period (7/25/15 0 9/6/15) has been to search deeply into myself to become aware of the definition I attached to love, of all sorts.

Of course! I’ll give you the “cliffnotes” version and say that it definitely all comes back to a love we have for ourselves. But, I’d like to take you a bit further into my  journey which has allowed me to gain a much more long-lasting sense of contentment and a much more positive relationship with love in all its various forms and perspectives.

I am within the belief that we all have a divine love within ourselves that cannot be taken away, no heartbreak, drink, drug, experience, loss or fear, can EVER, take our divinity away from us. What can happen though, is that we can feel so lost, detached and hurt about what we’ve perceived as unfair, painful and traumatic happenings that we completely forget and lose sight of that bright shiny love that we all share at a very deep intrinsic level. A lot of times, we experience pain around “love” in a relationship with someone else of whom we’ve had expectations of and therefore associate pain and love as one in the same or even worse, the inevitable outcome.

This could be abandonment by a parent, infidelity of a spouse, “back-stabbing” by a friend, feeling under-appreciated by a family member or several other MILLION scenarios that basically stem from the same place, perceived abandonment regarding a particular expectation we had on someone other than ourselves. There’s that little word again… expectation. Oh expectation, how do you annoy me? Let me count the ways… Nah, I don’t have time to focus on that, but, it’s a lot!!!

I have found that truly getting in touch with myself and the wounds I have perceived surrounding love of all types and working to heal and release, has allowed me to broaden my view on what love really means. It’s boundless. It’s without expectation. It’s unconditional. It’s expansive. It’s marvelous. It’s everywhere.

I have a post it note on my desk that says “My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance and in inverse proportion to my expectations” . This translates into allowing other people we are in relationships with the space to be authentically true to themselves. WHATEVER that means. It’s a difficult charge for most of us to love someone fully and robustly without expecting certain things in return. It requires honesty.  It requires that we let old ideas go about what someone needs to prove to us. It requires that we  let our egos go. It requires that we become strong in our vulnerability. It requires that we first heal ourselves. It requires that we first love ourselves.

True Love and the way it shows up in our relationship with others has a direct correlation on how we love ourselves. Are we good enough to us? Do we seek perfection knowing it’s impossible? Do we accept ourselves and all our flaws? Do we give to others before we give to ourselves in an unhealthy way? Do we give to ourselves before others selfishly? Let’s take an honest inventory of our own hearts and how we TRULY love or need to learn to love ourselves so that we can offer ourselves true love and in turn everyone to whom we come into contact. Let’s find balance, truth, honor, respect and introspect. Once we find those things and the divine nature in ourselves, it’s SO much easier to find it in others.

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan

Hot Yoga and My Life

Sooooo, hot yoga became a pretty consistent staple for me in my health routines about 5-6 years ago. Keeping in mind I use the word “consistent” very loosely. I practiced vigorously and then fell off and my cycles seem to wax and wane depending on my current life situations. I happened to have two beautiful little babies within the past 3 years so there are at least 20 months in there where hot yoga was a no-no due to my “with child” condition.

I find that any yoga, but especially hot yoga, is a microcosm of our entire lives, right there, in 90 minutes on the mat, dripping with sweat, “monkey mind” attempting to make us quit the whole time and telling us that there is no way in hell we’ll ever get through this. But you know what? I’ve always come out alive… every. single. time. Not only have I come out alive, but I’ve come out more aware of the power my mind has to control responses to uncomfortable sensations. Even more important than that, I’ve become aware of my breath.

We take breathing for granted in our day-to-day goings on’s… we breathe fast when we are anxious or exited, we hold our breath when we’re on edge, we even slow our breathing down when we are crying and attempt regain our composure. When you’re standing in a room that ranges between 95-105 degrees and being instructed to get into poses that stretch, compress and strengthen every single organ…well, let’s just say that it can be intense. I find that the actual physical movement isn’t as intense as the barrage of thoughts that come rushing to my mind. Anyone who knows me knows how deep I study and gain insight from astrology. I definitely believe that my moon in Gemini kicks into over drive and begins to berate me. She tells me things like “OMG, you are going to DIEEEE, do you hear me? Death is near!!!” and “Noooo, I cant believe this broad is asking me to do this! Is she freaking retarded, no way, no way in HELL am I going to be able to hold this pose for one more SECOND!!!”

Gaining an awareness on how I respond to a perceived “stressful” situation on my mat in hot yoga has allowed me to more honestly observe and become aware of how I respond to perceived stress in day to day life. Just like I’ve learned to talk myself down and calm my breath on the mat, I’ve applied this to my life. I bring my breath into awareness and it seems to help aid in whatever “crisis” I may find myself facing at that particular time.

I am so grateful and honored to live near an amazing studio in Raleigh, NC called Open Door Raleigh run by Monica Shannon. She is charismatic, informative, hilarious, compassionate and just a damn good hot yoga instructor! She is very authentic, which lightens the mood and makes jokes about whether we’d prefer the air to come out of our butts or to breathe it out through the moving meditation of yoga. (By the way, the answer is definitely our butt!! Easier and less time and focus)

This is one of the methods I use to ensure that I am balanced and detoxed. Although in this post I am solely focusing on the personal, emotion and mental side of hot yoga, there are physiological and physical benefits that are out of this world!!! My skin, blood pressure, strength and flexibility literally improve after just one session and when I’m truly as consistent as I’d like to be (3 times per week) man! I feel like i can take over the world! I have more energy, am in better moods and really have more overall focus and clarity in my mind. My intention is to integrate and prioritze this amazing self-loving act.

Hot Yoga Rocks!!

With So Much Love,

Simply Megan