Archery Class & The Law of Attraction

As many of you know I have been, and am now even more intensely studying Universal Law, specifically the Law of Attraction. I took an amazing Archery class yesterday and after watching the footage, I was so inspired and compelled to create this very powerful analogy.

Something inside of me knew that I would take to archery like a natural. I am born under the Sun Sign of Sagittarius and besides that, I have always been very athletic. Once the technique was explained and showed to me once, I never missed the target. After watching the video of my performance, I realized something. Archery is EXACTLY like the law of attraction and therefore life itself. The arrow is us, and we have the power to direct ourselves because the (divine) power, force and momentum is never a question. We are always in a perpetual state of  propelling forward, this is in our divine nature, but the variable is the direction of our propel. Had I pointed my aim at the building behind me, or the person next to me, not only would I not have hit my target, but I could have really harmed someone else in the process.

This sounds so simple and obvious in these terms, however we do this with our attention and focus all the time. We think and say “I really want a great partner” but then we lament over previous experiences that hurt us or we say things like “all men/woman are the same”. We want to manifest more currency in our lives but then we say “Oh I can’t afford that…”. We want to release weight but then we tell ourselves when we look in the mirror “Oh my God I’m so fat”. We will always go where our attention is focused and guided. I have been making it a practice to ONLY ponder uplifting and prosperous thoughts. It takes awareness and intention. Even in the face of contrast, I say to myself “all things are working out for my ultimate good”

I challenge us as we move about our day today to be mindful of the internal self-talk and assess if it’s aiming in the direction of your true desires.

With So Much Love,




The Honey Pot is going away


I wanted to take some time to connect and discuss the recent happenings in my business. As a rule of thumb, transparency in all areas, especially emotional processing has been and always will be my primary business model. Honey Principles of Transformation (The Acronym which created The Honey Pot) is something that is innate within me and also the thing which I have realized allows me to offer value to those whom I come into contact with.

With that being said! The Honey Pot is going away…. however, as is typical with life, something bigger, better and more expansive is being born in it’s place. As many of you know, my initial slogan began as “Yeeeesssss!” There were many catalysts that transformed “Yes” into “Yes God”

In retrospect, once I began to dissociate with a lack mindset (struggle, over-focus on racial/gender inequality, focus on what I was lacking versus what I had available in plain sight at my disposal) and all people, places and things that exemplified those things, I was brought to a place of extreme humility, gratitude and clarity. Once I shifted my perspective and focused on how I could serve and what I could give versus what I thought society (or even God) owed me; brilliant (divine) ideas, opportunities and prosperity began to flood into my life.

I understand that the term GOD is subjective and means different things to different people. For the sake of this article, I am referring to the Creator, Most High, Allah, Divine Source and/or the Universe. I also know that my use of this term deters and pushes some individuals away from me and my business…… YES GOD!

God became my focal point,  the center of my universe, and my intentions were focused on how to be an example of God’s divine intelligence. I was instantly humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude each and everyday when I allowed myself to see what was going divinely right. This is not to say that I am ignorant to the ills of the world, however I know that the best (and only) way that I can affect change is to become the change I want to see.

Business has been thriving, growing and expanding rapidly. Between fulfilling orders, expanding the product lines, servicing clients, traveling for events, speaking engagements,  vending, developing educational programs and increasing consultations, we have managed to catch the attention of some very large brands. Last weekend I received a certified letter from a company that cited Trademark Infringement for my business name in the specific market/industry (feminine wellness) that I serve. When the mailman came and rang the doorbell and I saw the letter versus the typical package, my intuition immediately knew what it was. I had attempted to mitigate this issue by adding the word “Method” to the end of my business name early on, however the words “Honey Pot” have been trademarked.

I observed my anxiety start to set in, however because of my due diligence and practice of perspective alchemy, I immediately asked myself “what amazing opportunities can possibly result from this”? I thought briefly about arguing semantics, getting into a back and forth legal battle over the specifics and promptly decided that, you know what? They can have it! The name of my company isn’t what makes me successful, it’s the energy I put into it, the value that I offer people, the results that they receive by investing into my products and services. It was a relatively quick decision that took me about 10 minutes after mulling it over. I thought to myself “what can I name my company that truly represents where I am going with my brand?” I then opened my facebook page almost on auto pilot and saw my profile picture which is a picture of me with my “Yes God” earrings on. There was a sense of calm knowing that came over me. It was settled. Yes God Wellness was born. (Really God? You just bogarded like that? LOL!)

I have shared this widely on my social media platforms, however I know that not all of us utilize social media frequently so I wanted to be sure to communicate the changes going forward so when you see future communication coming from Yes God Wellness, you weren’t confused. I am so appreciative of all of the support, love and feedback I have received thus far and it is my intention to carry this message, brand and company far and wide.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! YES GOD!

With So Much Love,


Yes God Wellness

Best Case Scenario

Greetings! I want to take a moment and discuss a situation that I recently experienced. Late last month, I took a trip to the Caribbean and I had an amazing time! It was very eye-opening and I gained a lot of perspective on my life and how blessed I am and how many opportunities I have. In all honestly, it exposed how many opportunities that I take advantage of. I returned back stateside with a new passion and commitment to pursue my dreams and goals of impacting as many people as possible in an uplifting and empowering way.
On the last leg of the trip home,  I put my wallet in my carryon bag and boarded the flight. By the time I got home and pulled up to the gas station I realized that my wallet was no longer where I had put it, it was gone. I observed that my mind (and therefore my emotions) immediately went into panic mode. I had my passport, identification cards, money, social security cards, etc in my wallet. My brain scanned in the worst case scenario as I felt the sinking anxiety set in.  I began to consider all the things that I had ‘lost”, along with the tedious processes and expenses I was going to have to go incur. My brain began to visit all  the risks that were associated with someone having access to all of my personal identification and some of my resources. I noticed what was going on and I began to take deep breaths and tell myself “this is going to all work out, God’s got me”. After about 3 minutes I felt a sense of calm and relief…
As I sat parked in the gas station I thought to myself,  you know what I need gas right now I need to get home. (I was supposed to fill up my gas tank before I went to the airport…shoulda listened to my intuition) There was a gentleman at the next pump, so I asked if I could cash app him some money so that he could give it to me so I could put it in my car.  He would not except the money, but still gave me five bucks to get home, which I was extremely grateful for. I began to think ”  you know what I am going to get my wallet back, someone will do the right thing and turn it in because that’s what I would do, and I can only attract what I am”.
I just kept repeating in my mind that I’m going to have my wallet back and I did something kind of risky just to make a declaration to the universe of how sure I was I would receive my wallet back. I did NOT cancel any of my bankcards because I was dead set on getting my wallet back. I am naturally resourceful person, so I had pictures of my car is in my numbers and I was still able to purchase supplies in and do transactions.
The next morning, I went and head and filled out all the lost and found forms and after a couple days I was receiving emails back that said  “Unfortunately we haven’t received any items that match the description….”.
I still didn’t cancel any of my cards. I had faith and believed. During my morning journaling sessions I wrote “God I trust you I trust that you’re going to bring it back to me”. After a few more emails that begun with the word “Unfortunately…” two weeks later, I woke up to an email that said “We are happy to report that we have located…” I jumped up and began to praise GOD!!! YES GOD YES GOD YES GOD!!! Thank you GOD!!!
I went online and paid 30 bucks to have it overnighted to me.
In retrospect, I am very proud of is the fact that I was able to observe my mind and interject a more positive and empowering outcome/scenario. I am so grateful that I am being mindful and intentionally developing the way that I think, respond and react to things that happen in my life.  Because of it,  I was able to interrupt my mind’s natural tendency to kind of go off the wagon and feed into fear.
I wanted to share this because its proof that we literally create with our minds, thoughts and expectations. I am challenging myself/us to really think about what would have happened if I had relegated myself to think. “O well, I’ll chalk it up as a loss.”  Let me go ahead and pay another 200 bucks for my passport,  let me go ahead and cancel all my bankcards (causing a major inconvenience to my business operations and all of my things that I have automatically tied into them).
The moral of the story is that I took action as if what I wanted to happen was already done.  I didn’t jump the gun and start to spend all this unnecessary money or inconvenience myself in ways that were unnecessary because I believed in my heart of hearts that my wallet was coming back to me. It is my theory that it was my belief that it was coming back,  is what caused it to come back. I believe this because it has proved true for me in MANY other scenarios which is why I was so determined and sure that my wallet would be no exception to this universal rule.
I think it’s a normal habit for our minds to automatically go to the worst case scenario. We have been conditioned to perceive this approach as being helpful because we can then “prepare for the worst” and do damage control. But, why prepare for the worst when we could in actuality prepare for the best?
Hopefully this will help you us continue (or start) to observe ourselves in situations where we  tend to respond or react immediately.  and I am you know and I can help you to kind of interject and instead of considering the worst case scenario, begin to insist on the best case scenario.
With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot


You Are Who You Sex

Greetings yall!

I send love, peace and blessings to  every individual who reads this content. Today, I am going to be discussing the energetic exchange and spiritual side of sex. Ooooo… LOL.

Let’s talk about sex baby! This topic has been on my mind for years and years, I remember watching Juanita Bynum’s “No More Sheets” and learning of “soul ties” over 10 years ago. Today, I have such a deeper appreciation for the appropriate context upon which to apply this principle to life. (it’s not JUST about sexual relations, but sex definitely creates a much closer connection and tie to an individual’s energy.

In stepping into entrepreneurship, I am being afforded the opportunity to cross paths with literally thousands of women. I have developed a deeper compassion for the emotional and physical distress we all experience at some point in our lives. I hear, and have also experienced my fair share of emotional pain around romantic, sexual relationships. What I have begun to realize is that many times we suppress these heartbreaks and pain in an attempt to “move on” and carry on with life. The subtly obvious resentment, frustration, pessimism around relationships (even jokingly) illustrates that we are in fact, NOT over it. Actually, it winds up holding us hostage, imprisoned and therefore highly susceptible to continue to attract dynamics which produce the same emotions.

Another discovery which has become crystal clear is that emotional/energetic imbalances in our womb, can and will manifest into physical imbalances. This is why things become chronic even after being “treated” and even surgically removed. It’s worth pondering what your heart and womb is “not over” yet. Being authentic and honest with yourself is crucial to free yourself both emotionally and physically.

I am going to tell my own personal story about a time when I literally felt the sexual energy in my womb following a sexual encounter. This dynamic/relationship was toxic and I knew it. I allowed and made the choice to justify my decision of entertaining him. I had known intuitively and felt in my gut and heart that the love wasn’t healthy or even genuine. I let my desire for companionship and “intimacy” override my common sense, and truthfully, I still held onto a lot of pain from previous experiences which is precisely the point of this article. One evening after a late night booty call, as I was driving home, I felt what I can only describe as what felt like a claw, reaching up from my womb up into my chest as if it was attempting to climb my chakras. That seriously freaked me out and was one of the last times I was intimate with him. I did a lot of personal development work after that relationship to really dig into the roots of what attracted what was in retrospect, a horrific scenario.

Pain begets pain, it’s crucial to take intentional action to clear our physical and energetic temple. The womb has been long regarded as the most divine organ because it not creates, but houses and develops human life. This is an indisputable fact.

This is why womb health and detoxification is so important. Steaming offers a wonderful opportunity to release and reveal those pains and tender spots we’ve been pushing deeper and deeper into our subconscious. Not only to the physical imbalances begin to decrease, the emotional ones begin to “escape” with the assistance of all the earthly healing elements. (Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Energy)

Thank you for taking time to read.

With So Much Love,


The Honey Pot

Releasing Guilt – Abortions

Warning – This post may be triggering for some. I will be discussing abortion and my own experiences.

This has come up quite a bit for me lately in my client sessions and one of the main themes I see tied to it is guilt. Guilt happens to be a perception/emotion that haunts us way after whatever experience that led us to feel guilt in the first place. It’s really a plague that has many of us walking around feeling regret and despair over things that we have no control over, which can be uber disappointing and depressing. 

I used to feel a lot of guilt, depression and sadness over the abortion(s) I decided to have over my lifetime. I would go back and forth, over and under, around and through the different possible “karmic” consequences that may or may not have been a direct correlation to this decision. I beat myself up, pretty badly. I have since noticed that I have a really uncanny ability to drive my own self nuts in my mind through self-talk that is critical, judgmental, unforgiving and even cruel. 

There were a few different things I did to allow myself to heal from this deep rooted pain, regret, remorse and guilt I carried around for years, allowing it to overshadow my accomplishments and make me feel inferior, as if bad things were “destined” to happen to me. The first thing I did was really step back and become observant of my self talk ( hint, that’s always a good place to start when looking to heal any emotional pain). I also became the observer from what I like to call a “zoomed out” vantage point. I zoom out and take into consideration all factors in my decision and begin to cut myself slack because we always make decisions based on what we perceive is the best possible next step for our current situation and dynamics. With truly knowing and understanding that, compassion can soften the sharp and rigidity of the guilt, shame and regret. I had a whole script around how the relationship from which the child was conceived had turned south due to my decision (when in reality it already was south which was part of the reason for my decision).

The next thing I did was to give myself permission to fully grieve the loss of the life that I had conceived. My reasons for deciding the terminate the pregnancies were valid (and ANY REASON IS), however that did not mean that I was exempt from permission to process my emotions around it in a healthy and empowering manner. 

I read some something on how to create a release ritual for my unborn children. It involved actually opening up a dialogue and communicating my emotions around the decision. It also involved naming the child(ren) and truly having a heart to heart conversation. This was highly therapeutic for me because it allowed me to give them identities….names, genders and ages. I wrote to them and then took those letters to a body of water, set them on fire and then set the fiery memorandum afloat in the water. I have since learned and come to know that we as human beings truly do not have the ability to “kill” anyone. We may have the ability to harm and destroy the physical body, but we do NOT have the ability to harm nor destroy any energetic life force. Meaning, even when a person is killed, their energy and spirit live on infinitely and are reborn through another portal. I know this may be a controversial subject and I risk losing some of my readers due to this brazen position, and that’s alright This writing is intended to reach and help any sisters who may be carrying around guilt and baggage for similar decision(s)

I am here to let you know that you are forgiven, GOD forgives you and you ought to forgive yourself, because your decision was the best one you had to make at the time. This is something that is VERY common amongst women and is rarely spoken about openly. We have the right to make decisions about our bodies and reproductive health. We have the right to decide that the consequences outweigh the risk. We have the right to choose ourselves before another person. We even have the right to make mistakes and not judge ourselves for the rest of our lives. Everyone has made mistakes that caused them remorse and/or regret. It’s in the giving of permission of self to truly go and process that remorse and/or regret in which we free ourselves from the inner judgement and criticism. Once we are free from the bondage we hold ourselves to within, nothing or no one without can keep us tied to shame or guilt. 

I hope this message touched you in a positive, affirming and empowering way. 

With So Much Love, 


The Honey Pot

Am I being ungrateful?

Once I asked myself the question “Megan, are you being ungrateful in any area of your life? I was prompted to truly observe the things that I had access to yet wasn’t valuing. What I realized has blown my mind and caused me to make a serious shift in the way in which I approach my life. The overall and general answer was, time.

Now, I can be honest and say that I am not proud of the things I will divulge here in this blog. I do however want to be honest and transparent in hopes that it may help you to make a shift towards your highest version.
So, I began to analyze my day to day actions/interactions and leveraged them against my “procrastination list” (which, by the way, it’s a GREAT IDEA to make a procrastination list of all the things you “need to get done” but have not yet…) When I took a look at my list of things that need to be done, I was almost embarrassed at how relatively easy the tasks were on my list. When I contemplated  why I didn’t do them yet, my mind said “I don’t have time”…. Really? REALLY?!
Yet, when I look at how my time is being spent, I have literally spent HOURS on social media some days. Yes, I run my business primarily on social media, however one of my goals is to create my OWN space for my clients where I can still connect and offer value to them even if social media were to ever go away. Sooooo, basically I am subconscious sabotaging myself. But why? What is it in me that knows I need to be consistent and intention with my time every day yet decides to go out to lunch or go into a seemingly endless cyber hypnosis. The short answer is “it’s a self worth issue” which is pretty much the basis of anything we’re manifesting that doesn’t make us feel good. It doesn’t make me feel good to be criticizing and guilting myself about things that are looming in my mind that need to be completed.
So, since the main commodity that I found myself to be taking advantage of was time, I contemplated how I could leverage my time better. It came back to one of the very things I talk about! Mornings Matter!!! Waking up early in the morning injects a completely different energy into your day. The energy says “important, immediate, present and prompt”. Let’s face it, most people don’t like waking up early, but many of the greatest influencers and impactful people in the world swear by this one action to create a major shirt and momentum in their lives. I personally want to be a great influencer and highly impactful. I know that’s not everyone’s deal, but if you’re rocking with me and reading this email, we’ve likely already aligned in that area.
This isn’t to say that consistently waking up early will immediately change your entire life (it won’t be immediate, but it will definitely put you on a fast track to transformation). Being very mindful of how you’re spending your time is also crucial. If we can begin to notice when we are squandering time (being ungrateful for it) that could be better used making that dental appointment or taking that walk or going grocery shopping so you don’t have to waste money eating out, then we can take steps to redirect ourselves into a more appreciative frequency.
For example, I have recommitted to waking up early and going hard on my physical training. While I am exerting myself, I repeat the following words in my head “I can, I will, I have, I am”. This phrase is very useful in blocking out negative self talk about how “I don’t feel like” or “don’t want to”. What is repeated in our mind manifests, so… altogether now… I CAN, I WILL, I HAVE , I AM!!!
I hope you got something beneficial from this. Have an amazing and non procrastinative day! (Yes, I made that word up) LOL
With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot

Budding Goddess Vaginal Steam Service

We are excited to share the evolution of our business and the expansive ways to offer value to the community!

Steaming as a rite of passage is especially important for adolescents because our bodies and lives are rapidly transforming during this phase of life. Connecting with and being made aware of the potential to honor, cherish and love your sacred space is profoundly important.
-Perineal Steam (25-35 minutes)
-Access to safe, non-judgmental, education around body and spiritual -development.
Honey Pot Special Tea (Detoxifying and Soothing)
Once a young woman experiences her first menstruation, she can enjoy the many benefits of steaming. She will have a choice of seven formulated herbal blends which will be safely heated with alkaline water and then placed under an open seat, upon which you will sit. The perineal tissues and organs will experience immersion in medicinal herbal steam.
This service can be with an adult or independent, it can also be done with other Budding Goddesses.
All steams will be performed in a confidential, compassionate, nurturing and positive space. By connecting with your intimate well-being, you will be empowered to love, honor and heal yourself.
Book your special session with your Budding Goddess here
With So Much Love,
The Honey Pot (Megan)

Emotional Healing Through Steaming

This past week I decided to get onto my IG Live to check in. As I sat in my office, having a conversation with my phone and the beautiful energy on the other end, the conversation found its way to my 3rd birthing story/experience. I have given 4 live births, however I have been pregnant nearly double that many times. (I’ll be discussing abortion and miscarriage in future content)


I think it’s definitely safe to qualify any form of life passing through us as traumatic, this time was no exception to that rule.


As I began to recall my own particular birth story with my youngest son Jace, I was triggered. I was triggered about the general vibrational frequency I held throughout my pregnancy. I was seen as a “high risk” pregnancy due to being overweight and at risk for preeclampsia.  The relationship from which my son was conceived was “failed” fairly early on and the emotional eating and depression wasn’t helping me to feel better about myself or my indebtedness to my rapidly expanding body which was at the mercy of the pregnancy.


When I arrived at the hospital and went to triage at 7 centimeters dilated, irritated and experiencing painful contractions,  I was monitored and soon told to go home with an Ambien prescription and “come back tomorrow”. Besides being infuriated at the dismissive and incompetent medical judgment of the doctor on duty, I was frustrated and disgusted that it was even considered acceptable for a pregnant woman in labor to take a sleeping sedative. I didn’t perceive my “partner” as being emotionally supportive as he snuck out of the room with my phone and decided to take advantage of my vulnerable condition in an attempt validate his own transgressions and insecurities.


That is my recollection of this particular birth experience. This magical, divine, extraordinary, spectacular and brilliant reality of bringing forth life felt horrible to me because of the negative feelings and emotions that I experienced and subsequently associated with this experience. When I began to recall this experience on my IG Live broadcast, I felt the tears well up and the lump in my throat grow. I had the immediate revelation that this was still a trauma/subconscious cell that was tucked and stored within me that needed to be released. I decided to steam that evening (on IG Live again) with the intention of my “trauma story” around this experience. ( I used my Victorious Blend)


I created an intentional and compassionate space for myself to release in just planning to do the steam, but the steam itself proved to be a very grounding, reflective and healing experience for me. As I began to steam, I initially felt myself get very calm and “wise” about the most empowering way to look back at the experience. It’s funny because I never have been able to articulate that before, I felt the plants wisdom affect my mental processing. It was incredible. I took a very mature stance and really pondered my energetic condition. What I came up with was that my internal state (depressed, dissatisfied, ungrateful and under-appreciated) was having a serious correlation on the things I was attracting into my own experiences.


I was so determined to never have that type of experience again that when I found myself pregnant 9 months later, I decided to do things completely naturally. I planned (and did) have my daughter naturally in the water and used a birthing center instead of a hospital. For post partum care I also looked for alternative and holistic methods, which is how I came across vaginal steaming. I was coming for physical recovery but gained so, SO MUCH MORE!


I love how even though I thought at the time it was a horrible and disastrous experience, it led me to something that would not only heal me, but assist me to connect to myself and ultimately facilitate other people’s healing as well. I now look back on my 3rd birthing experience as a catalyst in my evolution. It was necessary to push me towards my purpose and my passion, albeit excruciatingly painful.


I hope you can relate to this experience in some way. Often we can change our perspective and our trauma story can turn into our triumph story. It sometimes requires that we intentionally make some time to go back and revisit it, and glean more wisdom from it. I am so grateful that I was led to vaginal steaming, and I am also grateful that no matter what we “come for” God knows exactly what we need.

Forgiving My Father & Subconscious Cells



I had an amazing steam session with a client today and the topic of repeating patterns within relationships and life in general came up. I have personally experienced several “themes” that seemed to be recurring amongst and amid interpersonal relationships. On my personal development journey I have come to realize that the things I manifest in my outward experience have a direct correlation to the sustained and consistent energetic frequency that I vibrate on. This means that I am really manifesting from my subconscious, that deep and dark mysterious place where we go to dump off all the pain and hurt that we “don’t have time to deal with” or  have “been over that a long time ago”.


For me, once such example was resentment and hurt for the fact that I didn’t have what I perceived to be a meaningful connection with my father. From my first memory of him, he was married to another woman who was not my mother and most of the expectations  about what, where, when and how he would show up in my life were almost always met with disappointment unfulfillment and disappointment. Even in writing this, I see how a subconscious propensity was built to:


  1. Question my worth
  2. Be made to feel like an outsider
  3. Expect disappointment
  4. Not expect honesty and transparency


Please take note of the fact that I very specifically mentioned that my perception was that this was not being a meaningful connection, or rather a painful connection. Of course now at the age of 37 I can take an alternative perspective and realize that it was in fact very meaningful, perhaps not in the “traditional” way of being a positive source of reference for healthy relating, but meaningful without a doubt. You see, we can scratch out my father in this scenario and insert the majority of my personal relationships (both romantic and not). Because my current perception as a child and adolescent was disappointment and unfulfillment.  I had created a “subconscious cell” of information to be stored deep (well maybe not as deep as I thought) in my collective subconscious. Without getting all heady into subconscious lingo, we manifest from our subconscious, so when there are “cells” and pockets of pain and trauma, those things have a tendency to manifest in our lives until we are willing to (often by energetic force or circumstance) look at what lies deeply within us that we haven’t intentionally gone back to and scrubbed/eradicated. Whew!


I love my sessions because they are as much cathartic and healing for me as they are for my clients. My suggestion to my client was exactly what I had done in my own life to begin to scrub/eradicate this subconsciously programmed cell, and that was to allow myself to go back there. To stop making excuses (better known as defense mechanisms) such as “I could never miss what I never had” or “that was so long ago, I am over that”. I allowed myself to go back and express my anger, my disappointment, my sadness, hurt, pain and seething jealousy. I allowed myself to feel…and in allowing myself to experience fully that emotion/energy/cell of my subconscious, I was able to begin to release that connection with disappointment, hurt, sadness, pain, sadness and jealousy. I was able to chip away at the very thing that was magnetically attracting the same subconscious dynamics into my life.


Of course, I am not suggesting that just writing one letter to a person who you have held onto painful connection with will instantly and magically heal that pain source from which you attract. But, it can. It all depends on how vulnerable you are willing to become and how you have trained your subconscious agility. For me, it took a few attempts, and after the last one, I was contacted by my fathers in ways that previously triggered me and was able to flex my new subconscious cell/pattern, which was that I had compassion and love and forgiveness to offer him. I had to first begin to cultivate compassion, love and forgiveness in myself to have access to extend it externally.


This brings me to another phrase I coined during our conversation which is “subconscious agility.” My client was remarking on how even sometimes even when she felt like she had “dealt with” a particular recurring theme or scenario that it would rear its “ugly head” once more. That’s when I suggested doing the work of intentionally and willingly revisiting that subconscious cell of stored energy/emotion. I also relayed to my client that from my own personal experience and understanding, the Universe Law of Relativity definitely comes into play as a “test” of sorts to see if we have in fact passed the task/opportunity to learn, grow and absorb the amazing value that comes from trials and trauma if we can position our perspective properly.


I just remembered my mom bought me a book called “A Dad Shaped Hole In My Heart” and I do believe this post sums up what the gist of that text was (although I never actually read it” That hole or cell was intentionally and actively replaced with a strong desire to have no contention with another human being. An intention to be free from all resentment, hurt, pain and to truly experience the amazing gift and freedom that forgiveness provides. In short, I am responsible for filling all of the “holes” in my heart.


PS. My day reached out to me a few months after I wrote my letter and asked to come and meet my children for the first time. Because I had worked on scrubbing that subconscious cell (pocked of energy), I was receptive and didn’t judge or minimize his attempts.

We are now friends on Facebook and he made a post about how proud he is of me and that I am impacting humanity in such a wonderful way. Not a bad outcome, eh?

With So Much Love,

The Honey Pot (Megan)

Name Change and Announcements

I am so grateful for all the feedback around your experiences with steaming and providing me with information that I can use to begin documenting and creating case studies. I have been taking notes and plan to deliver tools and information that can assist you on your journey of evolving to your best version, both physically and energetically.

Here at The Honey Pot we have been growing, expanding and evolving in terms of the services and value we want to offer to the world. Vaginal Steaming has changed my life and the live’s of other’s. What I am realizing is that through sharing my own personal journey, it inspires and motivates others, which is simply amazing! This has really caused me to contemplate how grateful I am and to also dig deeper to see how I can reach more people.

One of the things I talk about often is the fact that Vaginal Steaming isn’t just physically beneficial, but also energetically/emotionally beneficial as well. I have invested countless hours into not only developing my business but my personal character as well. I have found that Vaginal Steaming helps me to connect with myself, which is where the true transformation takes place.

With that being said, I am developing courses and certification around becoming a Vaginal Steam Practitioner and Facilitator using what I have termed “The Honey Pot Method”. This method takes into account the energetic implications of steaming. I want Vaginal Steaming to become commonplace among women, something that is well known and incorporated as a normalized monthly self care activity. The best way that I can spread this mission and message is to train other’s to carry the torch and set up shop around the world!

As I begin to document my processes, I am realizing that there is a real need to also share my processes around personal development as well. My personal development is deeply tied to and correlated to my business growth and development.

Some of the things I plan to share and provide insight about:

– My Personal Life Story
– Manifestation
– Moon Magic
– Single Parenting
– Co- Parenting
– Healing Childhood Trauma
– Mindfulness
– Perspective Alchemy
– Forgivness
– Perspective Alchemy
– Morning Matters
– Establishing a Fitness Routine
– Yoga
– Home School

This is just a preliminary outline of what to expect in the coming months! If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to respond to this email and let’s chat!

I hope you’re all enjoying your day.

With So Much Love,

The Honey Pot