Happy V Day

Of course the V stands for something that rhymes with North Carolina… 😂

I hope that your day is a restful and relaxing one. Justice and I got a bit off our schedule today and slept in until 9am (normal wake up time is 7). I’m NOT complaining!

I am really excited to be getting massages today and also being doted on. My husband is REALLY romantic all the time so today is a day that I get extras and I’m ABOUT THIS LIFE ok?!

One of the things that struck me as I took a shower this morning was how much of a shame it is for folks to go through life unhappy, as if they have no control over it.

I can’t saw that I was ever an “unhappy” person, but I can admit that I wasn’t happy for other people all the time.

Sometimes I’d feel like “why does SHE get to….” or “how do THEY have…”. In all honesty I realize now that it was a spirit of jealousy, not outright, but more of a subtle feeling.

Valentines Day was one of those day’s where those feelings would come up for me, everyone posting their gifts and presents while I was single and lonely.

If this resonates with you I want you to know that it’s normal to feel this way. The way society is set up, we are intentionally placed and marketed to in a spirit of competition. The “best” this and “number 1” that.

It wasn’t until I learned how to be single and HAPPY that I truly began to feel genuine happiness for other people and their success.

I started courting myself, instead of waiting for someone else to buy me flowers, I started buying my own! Instead of waiting for someone else to pay attention to the little things about me, I started paying attention to my OWN details.

One of the things I used to do was envision the success of others as my own. That exercise would allow me to fully recognize what I’ve since learned about energy. Everyone IS you.

I also started to take inventory of the ways I WAS shown love and celebrated the heck out of those things, even if they were “platonic”.


How you feel towards one person, you feel towards everyone.

Just keep in mind that you can change your perspective and your feelings.

I love you so much. If you’re reading this email, you are already in the midst of fulfilled people and situations.

Start with you, Love you. Be your own valentine and before you know it, you’ll see it manifested in your life.

With So Much Love,


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I love you soooo much!

As I was fulfilling orders, I saw a familiar name and then noticed that this person had placed their 12th order!!!

I was brought to mind of all the incredible people I’ve connected with on this spiritual journey of mine that encompasses Yes God Wellness. 

I began remembering the early days of steaming locally in Durham from my home. 

I remembered the beautiful souls that saw value in what I was creating before I truly even saw the vision. 

I remember hosting pop-ups in DC, Brooklyn, Rochester, Queens, loading and unloading all the pots, herbs and chairs from my van. 

I remember the generosity and support shown in so many different ways. 

I remember the hugs, the tears, the laughter. 

I remember the growth. I am still growing. 

Growth never stops. 

I was truly overcome with gratitude to the point of tears. This journey of Yes God Wellness started as The Honey Pot and then transitioned into something much greater that my imagine could have ever conceived of. I am truly blessed and fortunate to be on this journey and have your accompaniment. 

I would love to be able to send each and every one of you a personal note and reminisce on the good times we’ve shared. Even if we’ve just recently connected on social media or you saw my van and decided to see what Vaginal Steaming is all about. 

I cherish every question, every testimonial, every meal, every friendship,  every comment, every email, every subscription, every conversation, every shout out, every referral. 


I am so honored and humbled and I truly do love you. 

I hope that your life is rich with Divine Substance and fulfilled through faith. 

There is currently 22% off the website no code necessary. 

I would love to connect with you on the Yes God Wellness App as we’re rolling out some exciting new communities there. Stay tuned!

With So Much Love, 



I used to be a Christian


When I tell you I was on fire for Jesus Christ, I mean I actually went to Divinity school because I thought it was the next logical decision in “becoming an evangelist”.

Yep, ya girl is technically two semesters shy of a Masters in Divinity.

Something very unexpected happened once I started studying the Bible. 

I began to get discouraged and even disappointed at what seemed like in the justification of rape, pillage and murder. Slavery and The Crusades were two devastating historical events that had manipulatively intertwined Christianity with their jaded perspective on the “Word of God”.

To me it felt like the religion was being used as justification for men to forcefully and violently conquer the world. 

I had come to feel like Christianity gave people an excuse to not be their best selves by putting responsibility on another man. You know the whole “Jesus saved me” thing.

It didn’t make sense to me that such a young religion could encompass all time. Like, a remote Asian monk alive well over 2021 years ago and never even heard of, let alone proclaimed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior was going to hell? Nah. An unlikely story.

I’d also had some negative church experiences along with observing a bunch of hypocritical “Christian” behavior and scandal.

I decided that GOD was way to big for religion.

So, it comes great shock for me to share with you today that almost 15 years later I’ve been magnetized back to the word of God, through the Bible.

Don’t get me wrong I always knew that the bible was a source of profound words. Throughout my spiritual journey I’ve been referred back to it for wisdom and insight. Proverbs is my favorite book.

My favorite passage (thus far) is:

Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death.” The stakes are high. Your words can either speak life, or your words can speak death. Our tongues can build others up, or they can tear them down. An unchecked fire doubles in size every minute.

I came across some books by Florence Scovel Shinn, they are all scripture-based.

Do you know what the difference is that has me completely rethinking my entire belief system? 


I’ll share one of the most impactful perspective shifts that her writings on interpreting scripture had for me.

Shepherds and sheep. 🐑 

The sheep are likened the rational, chitchat thoughts of the conscious mind.

If you consider the way sheep move, they’re chaotic, in pacts, moving quickly and not really committed to a space nor a destination.  

Sheepish thoughts are really all different interpretations of fear, worry and lack. They race mindlessly through our heads with no true purpose or goal.

The shepherd of those sheep are the prompters found our sub-conscious mind. In the book “3 Magic Words” it’s referred to as the super-conscious. Sometimes I’ve seen it called God or Christ Consciousness. 

This consciousness assists us in creating what we impress upon it the most. If we’re entertaining the sheep that run through our mind then we are actually creating the fear worry and lack they represent. 

If we entertain positive images and phrases (through imagination and affirmations) we are also creating the same.

What are your default thoughts? What does the voice inside your mind say?

Observation is life changing and the use of affirmations from this perspective is crucial.

Similar to a shepherd who stands on the perimeter of a boundary to herd the sheep and prevent them from going off course, once you mindfully notice your mind telling you things that don’t feel good, you can begin repeating the affirmations you have in your toolbox.

Having shepherds (memorized desired affirmations) to go to when the sheep ( our critical and negative, whining and ungrateful sheepish thoughts) start to get out of control allows God’s divine will for your life to unfold. 

Our default sheepish mind is typically based on past negative experiences and dynamics that we do NOT want to repeat.

I’ve begun doing this for the past few days and I am already seeing shifts and opportunities that I wouldn’t have thought possible last week.


I wanted to share one of her audiobooks with you that I’ve listen to last with you because it has absolutely 100% given me a lot of clarity and change the way I look at life for the better.

On another note, a little birdie told me that Yes God Wellness will soon be offering in person steam services again along with a Virtual Steam Club. I’m excited to share the details once they all come to fruition!!!

I hope your Sunday is blessed and peaceful.

With So Much Love,



Life In Shambles…

Happy Day Yes God Family!

****Warning**** that the contents of this message may be triggering AND they may just help you change your life, DRASTICALLY. I hope no matter what, the result is a change for the good, even if it’s just reflection and gratitude.

I realize that in sharing what’s on my heart today I may lose some subscribers and I’m ok with that.

There have been several teachable moments over the past few days in my life and after reflection and meditation I realize what the root issue is.


I used to (and sometimes STILL DO) have this issue myself.

I remember being on the phone with a friend several years ago and discussing all of our pressing issues, the people we had issues with, the things we didn’t like about what had happened that day and other various complaints.

It seemed perfectly normal. We even laughed and made jokes mocking people and situations to “make light” of clear discontent. If I knew then what I knew now…

Last night when we arrived home after a relatively short but action packed grocery shopping trip with a newborn and two children. We had briefly stopped for some fast food (no judgement) because mama was NOT cooking. My son said “FINALLY we’re home” in a very whiny and irritated tone…

It was time for another teachable moment. I am very mindful of the ways in which I am train my children. My main priority is their (and subsequently my own) heart posture over all else.

I reminded my child of the car accident we witnessed on the way home and brought his attention to the fact that it could have been us. I brought his awareness to the possibility that it could be us in that ambulance with our van damaged beyond repair and that we could be on our way to a hospital right now instead of pulling up to a beautiful house, in a warm vehicle filled to the brim with yummy food (both for now and later), healthy bodies and a beautiful loving family dynamic.

I have witnessed so many people who are in perpetual cycles of discontent who “can’t seem to get right” in life no matter what they do.

I also witness that they are ALWAYS incessant complainers.

Here’s just a few common examples of UNGRATEFUL-ness (keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be an outward expression, just FEELING this way will magnetize lack to you):

  1. Looking in the mirror complaining about our bodies INSTEAD OF thanking GOD and being GRATEFUL for the ability to walk, see, hear, smell, touch taste.
  2. Constantly complaining about how unjust people, society or circumstances are INSTEAD OF thanking GOD and being GRATEFUL for the ability to serve and finding ways to do so consistently.
  3. Comparing ourselves to others and how we don’t have or are not where we want to be in life INSTEAD OF being present and consistent in our own journey, process and unfolding and celebrating life itself.
  4. Going out to eat or to any service based business and not tipping INSTEAD OF recognizing the time, energy and effort that was saved by having a person/people provide you with that service.
  5. Talking sh*t about people who aren’t doing the things we want INSTEAD OF being thankful for their presence, the lessons they’ve taught us and allowing them to live their life as we take full responsibility for the things we want to experience and all the other wonderful ways we’re blessed.
  6. Focusing on how we don’t have the “things” you want (new clothes, new car, new home) INSTEAD OF being overjoyed that you have things to wear, a place to sleep and ways to get around.
  7. Entertaining relationship dynamics that don’t make us feel loved and appreciated INSTEAD OF leaning into the people in our lives who love, support and show up for you consistently.
  8. Wanting to “give people a piece of their mind”,argue and be right INSTEAD OF resting in faith and belief that GOD is the ultimate judge of truth and that life will always balance itself out without the need for harsh energy to be injected.

I invite you to search your heart to see if you can relate to any of these. I know I can! In being honest enough to identify the places for improvement, guess what..we can improve!

I pray that today is filled with focus on all the amazing and wondrous things that your life contains.

With So Much Love,


ps. I did a thing and became an affiliate for the Kitara Love steam seat that was gifted to me by a dear friend. Check it out! You can use code “YesLove” for an additional $10 off as well


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Sunday Success Tips

Have you ever heard the phrase “A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week of Content”?

It’s true.

There’s something about thinking ahead about what we want to accomplish and then preparing and planning accordingly that allows us to have more success.

It’s the same with anything you want to accomplish or “manifest”. Actually thinking about and defining what specifically that thing is is half the battle!

It’s easy to say “this week I want to finish painting the garage” or “this week I want to work out everyday” but when lay out the painting supplies or our workout clothes, the chance of those things actually happening increases exponentially.

I want to encourage you to carve out a little piece of this evening to contemplate what is important for you to complete this week (or today, or this year). I want to suggest that you then do at least one thing that will set you up for success in actually attaining that goal. It can be as simple as putting it on your calendar or clearing out some space to set you up to do that thing.

As I’ve been sleep training my daughter, the importance of forethought and planning is highlighted more than ever. When it’s time for our nightly bath and bedtime routine, I lay out her jammies and honey butter and have her milk in bottle ready at my nightstand to give her after we nurse. It’s the little things that allow the overall goal (A successful sleep) to be achieved.

I hope you have a day of ease and divine flow.

With So Much Love,



Drink lots of water!!! I cannot state enough how important it is to be sure you’re hydrated. Along with water, coconut water has lots of electrolytes that really boost your supply.

When you’re on the journey of nursing your little one, ensuring you have enough milk is imperative. It’s also important to be sure you’re fueling your body with the right nutrients. Both mama and baby need natural sources of fuel. I personally saw an immediate increase when I began drinking these delicious recipes.

Grab them here!


Hey Yes God Family,

I hope you are doing well and finding joy and gratitude in your present moment.

In all transparency, my emotions have been in flux.

Actually let me be real. The first week home I started crying because my husband didn’t hear me ask him to bring something downstairs. As a matter of fact I found myself sobbing profusely several times a day.

The 4th trimester is likely one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life. Pregnancy itself is an extremely emotional experience where many hormonal changes are occurring that have a physical, mental and emotional effect. It’s normal to feel down, sad, upset, overwhelmed and anxious. A grieving process often happens since you are no longer pregnant. When it goes past two weeks it could be an indication of a postpartum “mood disorder” often referred to as postpartum depression. I am SO happy and grateful I am coming out of it (hence you’re receiving this email)

It’s such a conundrum because you’re experiencing all of this immediately following bringing life into the world, which is a triumphant experience which brings great joy.

Emotions are not linear and you can be joyous and in pain at the same time.

I know that what I’m describing aren’t just symptoms of postpartum either, some of us struggle with

  1. Hormonal imbalances that can seem downright paralyzing
  2. Circumstances that seem hopeless
  3. Spaces in life that cripple us with fear and depression
  4. External circumstances that feel as if we’re drowning in despair

I want to invite you to join me in intentionally releasing whatever we may have been holding onto that’s not serving us. On 12/30/2020 at 9:30 PM EST, I am going to be hosting (and doing) the Postpartum 2020 – Virtual Steam SessionWe are going to be setting intentions for 2021 as we reflect on the good we can take from 2020.

2020 was a year that none of us expected for various reasons. It brought about a “new normal” and demanded that we let go of the reality we once knew. In some ways that was a beautiful and rewarding process, in others we had to surrender and face truths that may have been excruciating.

From seemingly menial events, to life changing ones. It’s important to honor and appreciate the present moment while still digging, searching and sometimes even fighting to find something to be grateful for.

Undoubtedly we have all had to practice the art of surrender. Much like giving birth and being in the postpartum phase of pregnancy, it’s so important to lean into God and the faith that “this too shall pass”.

I love you all and I pray that you use this Sunday to prepare for this upcoming week while also making space for rest and rejuvenation.

I hope to see you soon,

With So Much Love,


All Things Yes God Wellness

Thank God I Lost My Phone!

Last time I reached out I wasn’t in the best space, but even as I write that I want to recant and say “I was in the best space I could reach at the time”

Today, I am feeling REALLY good. I happened to misplace my phone and it subsequently lost its charge so now it’s still missing and I have to just find it when I come across it. I learned something in this.

I actually LOVE not having my phone.

While I do have my old one, and can still contact people via imessage and still have access to my computer, there’s something that has been liberated by not having my activated phone closeby at all times.

I am not reaching for it and have subsequently been able to hear my inutition a LOT more clearly and receive guidance about the steps I need to take both personally and professionally. I feel like I have actually been quantum jumping in my creations. I love the feeling of being in divine flow, and I had allowed my phone to distract me from that.

I recently mentioned not feeling good about being “tied” to social media (my phone) and am amazed at how God has provided a way for that to be my reality.

YES GOD!!!!!

I have been really given the opportunity to lean into gratitude by really being present without distraction. What I also realize is that eventually, I will find my phone and I will need to practice self discipline because this has been within reach the whole time, it just boiled down to a decision, like most things.

I have intuitively gotten back to my daily habit of writing down at least 50 things I’m grateful for every morning and being still to meditate. I highly recommend this practice! My days have been truly fulfilling and filled with gratitude once I got back to putting my focus and attention on that very thing.

I am reminded of the scripture Psalm 46:10 – “Be Still and Know That I am God”

Stillness is so underrated. I’m glad I get consistent reminders of how powerful it is. It can be easy to get “caught up” in the day to day routine and distraction of life.

Yes God Chronicles

There are two new blends that will be released very soon and I am SOOOO excited to share them with you! We are currently finishing up some market research and feedback to ensure quality but I think you’re going to LOVE the benefits we’re offering!

The Power To Create Masterclass on 10/16/2020 is going to be TRANSFORMATIONAL. I love creating courses, its such a cathartic process for me because in the creation, I get to examine and extract things from myself while also pouring into myself, it feels so good!

The 20% discount with code CREATE is still available until this weekend

I am currently creating a tool with information on how you can naturally regulating your menstrual cycle and balancing your hormones. I will be annoucing and sending that out shortly via the app initially so be sure to download it!

Please don’t hesitate to respond to this email with suggestions for other tools/resources you’d be interested in around womb health or personal development

I have received lots of inquiries around steam services. I have decided to honor my space and time for the time being and focus on this healthy pregnancy however I am still available for Virtual Steam Sessions. 

Sending Lots of Love,



Life Changing Practice

Meditation has been life changing for me.
The ability to sit and OBSERVE my mind… not quiet my mind but OBSERVE it.
Observe it’s fears, it’s insecurities, it’s programs, it’s scarcity perspective, it’s childish ego narratives.
I also observe the awareness that sits “behind” my mind. The loving, compassionate, forgiving, generous, divine and evolved being.
She’s who I come to visit and spend time with. She’s who I CHOOSE to identify with. She is who I choose to connect with and when I take the time to find her.. for 5 minutes here or 15 minutes there, I have significant access to her throughout the rest of my day.
Sometimes it’s through intuition, sometimes it’s through “random” genius ideas or abstract notions about what I should do “right quick”… perhaps like a social media post that gets seen by someone and it resonates a spark ⚡️ of transformation that changes the trajectory of their whole life.
I used to think meditation was a waste of time… HA!!!
I happen to have a WTF is Meditation Course available for $27 bucks.
I also have a Virtual Healing Session on Switching To An Abundance Mindset on 9/17
Speaking of abundance, me and my friend Lily are doing a free chat on 9/11 about how we used our inner divine power to create the lives and experiences we wanted for ourselves.
I invite you to all of them. You know where to find em https://linktr.ee/yesgodwellness.
PS. If you haven’t done yourself the favor of checking out Londrelle’s work yet… why?

Improvement is Eternal

I have been doing a lot of teaching recently and sharing the concept that it’s super important to have compassion with ourselves. We must understand that this journey to heal and become our the highest version of ourselves is an eternal one. There is no “finishing point”, no end.

I share this because I used to believe that “once I did _______” or ” once I achieved _______” THEN I would be successful and happy. I had to really discover that I can celebrate the ways in which I am happy and successful today, in this moment. I successfully brushed my hair today, I am happy about having my best friend and her husband in my kitchen preparing food for my baby shower as smells of delicious cuban foods fill my new home. I now understand that I can access the feelings I want to feel RIGHT NOW, not “when” the next marker is met.

I want to encourage you to take inventory of your current situation and identify the successes (no matter how big or small). Identify how you have experienced a moment of happiness (no matter how long it lasted). I don’t care if it was just from getting a good laugh at something like this….


Here are some things that can also move you towards improving our body, mind and spirit.

  • Believe in God & pray
  • Drinking 2-4 gallons of water a day  
  • Not comparing yourself to others 
  • Not trying to impress people 
  • Cold showers (Even the last 20 seconds of your regular shower)  
  • Meditate
  • Not relying on relationships for happiness
  • Working out
  • Having a leader mentality
  • Reading books
  • Breathing  in from your nose (reminder)
  • Having gratitude
  • Cleaning your room
  • Taking breaks of social media –  
  • Not limiting yourself –  
  • Making up your bed (discipline practice) 
  • Quitting/moderating caffeine & sugary drinks
  • Walking in nature
  • Having a plan  for things you want to do
  • Identifying how you want to FEEL based on those things you want to do 
  • Being aware of what you doing with your valuable time & energy

Sending you lots of love,